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Boudoir Studio Sets
Boudoir Studio Sets

We love creating boudoir photos that suggest a story

We aren’t a one-look-fits-all kind of boudoir studio. Our work does have a defining style, but within that style, we love variety. That’s what we had in mind when we set up our boudoir studio on Marietta Square. We wanted to be able to capture everything from light and dreamy photos to  ones that are moody and raw.

After finding the perfect location, a five-room upstairs business suite, we went to work transforming it from commercial to intimate. 

We knew we wanted to recreate our home studio’s airy Boudoir Suite and Anastasia’s sexy Red Room. We’d need a client meeting space and a dressing room that we could also shoot in. For the fifth space, we went for middle ground between the Red Room and Boudoir Suite with The Parlor, featuring a mahogany and crushed red velvet couch and burgundy and brass end table lamps against dark blue walls.

First, we cut an opening in the wall separating the Red Room and Parlor and installed 2-inch blinds that we fire a strobe through to simulate sunlight streaming in through a window. We removed all the interior doors and replaced them with drapes and tie-backs. We painted the walls, overlaid the commercial drop ceiling tiles with period-style stamped tin panels in the Red Room, Boudoir Suite, and The Parlor, and installed hue lighting throughout to allow us to control mood.

Finally, we brought most of our original set pieces to the new digs and added a wrought iron bed, a clawfoot tub on a rolling platform, a massive floor mirror, the Parlor couch (shown above), and an awesome leopard print Victorian couch

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The Boudoir Suite
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A note about COVID-19

As a boudoir boutique, we work with just a handful of clients each week. That allows us to maintain a clean and safe environment, which is important year-round, let alone during times like these. For added comfort, our team is vaccinated, and we sanitize after every client interaction. Being able to relax safely, you get the empowering experience you deserve. 

Reveal Room
The Reveal Room at One Soul Boudoir
The Dressing Room
On the vanity in the Dressing Room.
The Parlor
Through the blinds in The Parlor at One Soul Boudoir
The Parlor
In our Luxe Boudoir wardrobe collection's gray angel wings at Beautiful Wall in The Parlor.
The Boudoir Suite
A view of the new Boudoir Suite
Anastasia's Red Room
A dramatic scene in Anastasia's Red Room.
Anastasia's Red Room
The notorious -- and hugely popular -- bird cage in Anastasia's Red Room.

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