12 boudoir themes

Customizations: boudoir your way!

How do you define excitement? And when you think hot, what comes to mind? What do words like sexy and beautiful look like to you? Odds are your interpretations are different from someone else’s. That’s because we associate terms like those based on our personal belief system and past experiences. 

That’s why we offer unique ways to enhance and customize your boudoir experience. We want you to express yourself your way in your boudoir experience, in a way that lets you create your own boudoir — perfectly.

So if you want to add some spice, color, cuteness or heat to your session, there are options for you. Some enhancements are no-charge options to get your creative juices flowing. Our premium options add time to your photo shoot and some incorporate props to give you access to more fantasy fun, and more photos to choose from at your reveal and ordering session. Premium options are just $150 each. 

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Signature Customizations

Boudoir themes


The super-popular Anastasia theme indulges your intimate fantasies in our 50 Shades of Gray-inspired Red Room. Accessories available but not required 😉

Boudoir themes

Boudoir Noir

Boudoir Noir plays on the boundary between light and shadow, Its intimate black-and-white photography recalls steamy Hollywood film noir and unbridled passion.

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir is a life-changing gift to yourself AND a wedding-day gift for your partner! And our French Provincial-inspired Boudoir Suite is perfectly light, bright and airy for beautiful bridal boudoir photos!

Maternity Boudoir

Maternity Boudoir

Our style of maternity boudoir prizes capturing unguarded moments and communicates the sweet vulnerability in the nurturing of a nascent young soul without losing sight of the passionate spirit that brought this little life into being.

Premium Customizations

Boudoir themes

The Pretty Bath

What’s prettier that a pretty girl in a milk bath? Or a fruity bath? Or rose petals? The Pretty Bath theme is fresh, pretty and sexy all at the same time! Includes everything we want for the shot. Just add you!

Boudoir themes

Spring Flowers

Feeling floral? The Spring Flowers theme comes with an armload of wildflowers or roses to swaddle you beautifully in a sea of color!

Boudoir themes

Luxe Wardrobe

Our Luxe Wardrobe flatters you with red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps, exotic ostrich-feather dressing gowns, a $12,000 mink coat and more! Limited availability.

Boudoir themes

Couple Time

Memorialize your intimate relationship with Couple Time’s organic, candid style of imagery that tastefully captures closeness you share with your lover. Here’s why you need it.

Rain Room

The Rain Room

The Rain Room is our, um, immersive new set that our followers and clients are talking about! We combine rain, mist, fog, and lights to create a super-sexy environment to feature you at your wildest!

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