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Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Hi, and welcome! We’re Atlanta boudoir photographers Jill and David, and we’ve designed a unique off-canvas experience for you that surrounds our breathtaking, intimate, and powerful portraits with a supportive, winning atmosphere that will take you to a new level of self-confidence and self-appreciation.  The amazing art we create with you will be your reminder of the day you spent celebrating what makes you so special. Click to read more about our experience!

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meet your boudoir photography duo
Jill and David

We’re Jill and David Scruggs, wife & husband, besties, and a bomb-ass boudoir photography duo.

Intensely devoted to not only our craft, we’re also passionate about changing lives through our talents. We’ve designed an experience that will leave you with wonderful memories and might well change your trajectory in unexpected and positive ways. And when all this happens, you won’t be alone. You’ll be joining our diverse and welcoming community of alumnae. Literally. We’ll invite you to alumnae events ranging from simple get-togethers to the the annual Leading Ladies’ Soiree masquerade ball.

So. While we’re quite definitely photographers and lovers of the creative arts, we’re more. We’re people people. Likely, your people.

Atlanta boudoir photographer

With our five-set studio on Marietta Square, almost any vision can be brought to life in our popular Boudoir Suite, our Fifty Shades-inspired Anastasia’s Red Room, Parlor, Dressing Room, and Reveal Room sets.

We’ll soon be changing things to stay fresh, so if you’ve been thinking about a session that plays with the exposed brick in our Boudoir Suite and Red Room, you need to book now! The brick’s going away June 1!

Atlanta boudoir photographer
  1. Shows you what your lover sees
  2. Celebrates your self-love successes
  3. Celebrates a life milestone
  4. Creates the beautiful gift of YOU
  5. Gets you outside your comfort zone, where great lives are lived
  6. Rebuilds sense of femininity after cancer
  7. Restores self-esteem after abuse
  8. Reaffirms self-worth after a toxic relationship
  9. Gets you out of your own head about your appearance
  10. Debunks your self-criticisms
  11. Makes “imperfections” unimportant — or absolutely loveable
  12. Gives you stunning, inspiring wall art
  13. Reveals your strength when you think you’re powerless
  14. The perfect fix for boredom
  15. The second-most fun you can have in lingerie
5 steps to a new you
  1. Book your sesh
  2. Plan your wardrobe with us
  3. Shoot day: mimosas, makeover, music and modeling!
  4. Reveal party: “OMG, that’s ME!”
  5. Take yourself on a date!

One Soul Boudoir is such a success because Jill and David have pulled together an awesome back-office and beauty team led by Client Relations Manager Kelsey Belair. Meet our fantastic and talented team:

Kelsey Belair
Kelsey Belair, Client Relations Manager
Lauren Holt
Lauren Holt, Creative Lead
Tramaine Isaac
Tramaine Isaac, Content Specialist
Caroline ZeeAbrahamsen
Caroline ZeeAbrahamsen, Studio Assistant
Teresas Richards
Teresas Richards, Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist
Fani Bustos
Fani Bustos, Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist
Paula Molinari
Paula Molinari, Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist
Ashley Clara
Ashley Clara, Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist

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Whatever it is that has you considering a boudoir session — perhaps as a surprise gift for a significant other, or to celebrate a personal milestone, or to regain something you’ve lost — the biggest thrill for us is hearing you talk afterward about how empowering the experience was, because nothing’s as exciting as self-confidence!

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