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Leading Ladies Soiree

Grace our 2nd annual ball with your charm!

If you’re a new One Soul Boudoir alum or just missed the inaugural event last year, you need to make this exclusive bash. Enjoy live music, hors d’oeuvres, and an open bar with beer, wine, and specialty drinks. We’ll have door prizes and a special announcement, too.

The 2023 Leading Ladies’ Soiree is all about celebrating your journey toward self-discovery and self-love.¬†Access is extended exclusively to you, your sister alums, and, at your discretion, your plus-one. Don’t miss out. RSVP today. Let’s celebrate you!

Where & when

The Soiree will be held at One Soul Boudoir’s 3,000sf studio in Suite 210 of the gated Gettysburg Business Park, 875 Gettysburg Trail, Kennesaw, at 7pm Saturday, November 4, 2022.


Think night club — without the grifters and smoke. The studio will be dressed in classy black, silver, and red, and our huge set space will be replete with low lights, high-tops, tables, and the danceable sounds of guest vocalist Conner Lorre.


Tickets are a non-refundable $75 per person for a full evening of live entertainment, a free-flowing bar, and this delicious array of hors d’oeuvres: adobe chicken skewers, grilled steak skewers, Old Bay shrimp with lemon and white wine, stuffed mushrooms, and lemon-rosemary cake bites.


Ladies: Be daring. Be provocative. Be the night’s scandalous tart. Surprise us. More importantly, surprise yourself. Because life begins outside your comfort zone.

Men: Dress to impress. Easy on the cologne.

Masquerade masks are encouraged.

Arrival and Parking

Announce yourselves at the gate. Parking is ample and free.

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