What to expect: Blush Collection

Congratulations on your collection purchase!

Our Deliverables Team

We’re so thrilled that you’ve made it to this point in our experience! We’re looking forward to creating art that you’ll love. This page introduces you to our team and the process we follow.

And you’re the most important part of that process, so give this page a read!

Boudoir team Caroline

Caroline is our studio assistant. Among so many other responsibilities, she’s our checklist-person. She keeps up with all the elements of your collection purchase and makes sure they’re progressing through our production process as they should. When your collection is ready for delivery, she’s the one to make sure you receive your art in perfect form.

As our client relations manager, Kelsey is responsible for your One Soul relationship, from consultation to boudoir session to reveal to how your collection delivery is coming. She makes sure everyone’s moving in sync to make you happy. If you have a question, Kelsey probably has your answer.

Lauren’s our creative spirit. She reviews all the images that we plan to show you at your reveal to make sure the color and exposure are perfect and those annoying little cat scratches and such are cleaned up. When you picked your faves, she pulls them together into what will become your stunning album.

What you’re receiving

  • Wall art gallery
  • Classic 5×5 album

What to expect: wall art gallery

When work starts

Your gallery will be ready about a week after your collection is paid in full.

All your images included

Your gallery will include two groups of images: those you chose for your album, and those you didn’t.

Purchasing wall art

We offer a variety of print mediums and sizes to create art for your home. Some options are fulfilled directly by our printer, while others require manual handling. Either way, the art you choose will be stunning and is guaranteed in workmanship for life.

Quality assurance and delivery

Orders that are fulfilled directly by our printer will be shipped directly to the address you provide at checkout. Manually processed orders typically will come to us first for inspection, and then we’ll contact you to arrange delivery.

What to expect: Classic 5×5 album

When work starts

Your Classic 5×5 album containing your purchased images is queued for design when your collection is paid in full.

Off to the printer!

We’ll email you when your album order is in the hands of the printer. Printing typically takes 7 business days. Shipping to us typically takes two days.

Quality assurance and delivery

When we receive your album, we’ll inspect it, and we’ll contact you to arrange a pickup date and time. If you live more than an hour away, you’ll have the option for us to ship it to you.

Questions: contact our team!

You can text or call us at 678-616-1976. If you see us online on Messenger, that’ll work, too!