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About One Soul Boudoir & photography team Jill and David

So if you’re contemplating running around our studio in your skivvies, you should know a thing or two about One Soul Boudoir and Jill Marie and David Scruggs. First, we’re a wife-and-husband photography team devoted to boudoir photography because it’s, well, special on so many levels.

We used to shoot weddings together. Our wedding photography took us to some romantic and exciting places: Paris, London, Key West, Montego Bay, Anchorage, Cancun, Danbury, and all sorts of little places around the US that you’ve never heard of.

But there’s just so much value in boudoir photography.  We love proving people wrong about themselves when they’re critical toward their reflection.  What we do is uplifting to our clients and their loved ones, and that has the side benefit of allowing us to feel good about how we’re spending our lives.

And, finally, as artists, we thrive on taking whomever walks through our door and coaxing their inner strength into the light of our lens to celebrate who they are as a person.

We live in Marietta, GA, about 15 minutes from our studio on Marietta Square. We have a boxer named Deacon, two cats named Oscar and Bokeh, and a bunny named Bebe.

We love our life together, and we welcome you to it!


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Whatever it is that has you considering a boudoir session — perhaps as a surprise gift for a significant other, or to celebrate a personal milestone, or to regain something you’ve lost — the biggest thrill for us is hearing you talk afterward about how empowering the experience was, because nothing’s as exciting as self-confidence! 

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