Core: The Basics


Ahh, you’ve found the details page for the unforgettable experience of One Soul Boudoir!


The Basics

  • We begin with an in-person consultation to help you decide whether to move forward with us. We’ll cover what’s included, our printed art options, and pricing. And booking is easy!
  • We’ll use that consultation time to answer your questions and uncover your needs and vision for the imagery that you want.
  • Once you’re on our calendar, we’ll be available to help you shop with discounts at our partner boutiques, and we’ll guide you in all your preparations for your big day with us.
  • When it arrives, your session day will start with complimentary spa slippers, mimosas, your favorite jams, and a professional beauty team makeover.  When you’re camera-ready, we’ll lead you through an immersive studio session not bound by the clock or wardrobe count, and when it’s time, you’ll go home beyond thrilled with yourself!
  • We’ll bring you back in a few days for the next thrilling phase of your One Soul experience: a wine-and-cheese reveal and ordering session that will seal your new self-perspective as a life-changing one.
  • Finally, when your printed art arrives, we’ll bring you back again for an unveiling ceremony and champagne toast!

Session add-ons

  • We’ve created a selection of unique add-on themes to customize your boudoir experience. Our themes page has complete info.
  • Add most themes at anytime, even on the day of your shoot.


  • Images aren’t included with the session.
  • Images are offered at your reveal and ordering appointment as breathtaking, professional print product collections starting at $899, and as a la carte digital and print options starting at $300.
  • We have lots of payment options to make it easy to own photos of yourself like you’ve never seen.
empowering sexy boudoir experience

What to expect from your consultation

Whether you opt for a Zoom or in-person consultation at our Marietta Square studio, you can check us out with no obligation and get all your questions answered about One Soul Boudoir sessions.

Zoom consultations work, but we encourage you to actually visit us for your consultation. We’re super-easy to find, we meet by appointment-only to limit traffic, we sanitize regularly, and we’re vaccinated. With all that peace-of-mind happening, we’ll all appreciate the social contact, and you’ll be able to enjoy your tour of our Tuscan-styled Boudoir Suite, our Parlor, Reveal Room, Dressing Room, and our ridiculously popular Anastasia’s Red Room — our nod to 50 Shades of Gray.

You’ll also get to plunder through our Signature and Luxe wardrobes for the perfect items to embellish the wardrobe you bring. Our Signature wardrobe includes lots of lingerie items in a variety of sizes. The Luxe wardrobe, part of our Luxe Boudoir add-on theme, includes genuine mink, ostrich feather gowns by Jonquil and Catherine D’lish, and sexy designer pumps from Christian Louboutin.

We’ll tell you about our other themes as well. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. Even couples!

Next, we’ll introduce you to our print product collections. You’ll see them again after your session, and at your reveal and ordering appointment, you’ll finally choose the one that resonates with you most. But at your consultation, we’ll just tell you about them and show you our print products.

Finally, if you’re thinking you’d like to book, we’ll talk about preparing for your session. That’ll include giving you tips for everything from your wardrobe to the way you take care of yourself leading up to your session. When your consultation concludes, you’ll be fully informed and able to decide whether we’re for you.

Session day

If anything big is happening on Marietta Square the day of your shoot, we might valet you to the studio from our home a few minutes away. Otherwise you’ll just come straight there.  We’ll have music and a mimosa waiting for you, and while you settle in with our beauty team, we’ll organize your wardrobe items. You’ll be with the beauty team for an hour and a half to two hours, and it’s always fun girl time.

Then it’s time to begin your magazine-style photo shoot. Your job is two-fold: first, enjoy yourself! By now you’ve already done the heavy lifting — pumping yourself up for this, committing to it, and sharing your fantasies with us about looks you’d like. Now it’s time to just relax and have a blast playing in front the camera with us! Second, be our body positive boudoir bendy doll! We’ll pose you from the curve of your lips to the turn of your toes, don’t worry. The less you know about modeling, the more stunning the photos will be!

If you’ve chosen one or more themes we’ll spend extra time just concentrating on those shots.

With or without an add-on theme, you’ll leave feeling exhilarated, self-confident, and absolutely pleased with yourself 🙂

Reveal and ordering appointment

A week or so after your day as a top model, we’ll bring you back for another heart-racing experience: your private reveal and ordering appointment! You’ll arrive with a pit in your stomach, and from the very first photo we display on the big screen, you’ll believe in our body positive boudoir! We’ll relive your boudoir session photo by photo, then we’ll revisit our collections with you, and you’ll make your purchase and decide on the photos to include in it!

It’s definitely a fun time, so you’re welcome to bring a bestie, fan or lover to help enjoy a wine-and-cheese spread as we relax and relive your boudoir experience in stunning photos on the big screen. The hardest part will be choosing the images you want for your collection, but we’ll be able to help you make good decisions 😉

Art Delivery

If we’ve planned ahead, we can turn around some collection orders in as little as a week. Typically, though, delivery for most is taking between three and eight weeks right now.

If there’s a birthday or other celebration pressing us for time, our curated artisans are good about expediting.

Ready to talk?

We’d would love to hear from you! You can start by using our web form to contact us. Or you can click the button below to schedule a consultation.


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