Session Tailoring

One Soul Fine Art & Boudoir

Tailoring Your Experience

Literally, the term boudoir is French for a woman’s salon or private sitting room, where she might retreat when she isn’t ready to socialize or be seen. The term derives from the French root bouder, a verb meaning to sulk or pout. So how do we get from that to women in lingerie?

Americans — particularly photographers — have embued boudoir with a much larger definition than a simple private space. Namely, it’s understood to reference anything that might go on with a woman there. To wit, getting dressed or undressed or lounging in a gown or in the nude.

At One Soul Boudoir, we take it even further afield to be the celebration of the female experience in any context. This opens the door to so many creative opportunities for you to tailor your boudoir experience to suit your personality and curiosity :) Let’s explore some!

A Variety of Sets

To allow us to explore all your moods in a single session, we’ve created a variety of sets and dynamic spaces. You can play in a somewhat familiar space, the Boudoir Suite. Or picture yourself in a villa bathroom in Tuscany. Or visualize your limits in Anastasia’s Red Room, complete with a human-sized bird cage. Reenact that famous Flashdance scene in our ever-popular Rain Room. You can even roll your pet ride onto our set space floor for some luxurously edgy photos. We call that Car Boudoir. 

For more creativity, we have blinds and a fur rug, an egg chair, Victorian couch and chairs, lacy room divider, an English vanity, and so much more! We’re always adding options to let you reach the boundaries of your imagination!

On this page are a few recent photos from around our set space. 

When you’re ready to book, just contact us however you wish. We’ll be happy to hear from you! 

Session Enhancements

Much of our tailoring is as-you-wish, while a few options do incur a supplemental fee. Here’s our current buffet of sets and scenes to help make your session as unique as you are.

As-you-wish options

  • Boudoir Suite
  • Anastasia’s Red Room
  • Tuscan Bath
  • Victorian Settee
  • Gossip Chair
  • Egg Chair
  • Fairy Lights
  • Blinds and fur
  • Backdrop and Portrait Walls
  • Disco Balls
  • Limited Edition Sessions (when offered)

Options with a supplemental fee

  • Rain Room
  • Couple Time
  • Car Boudoir

Supplemental options generally are $150 each, but ask.

Same-day or Separate Shoot and Reveal?

Not only do we tailor to your mood and personality; we tailor the entire experience to fit your lifestyle.

Depending on where you’re traveling from, it might be appealing to bring your fantasies to life in front of the camera and see the photos all in the same day — what we refer to as a same-day reveal. Typically, your session starts with hair and makeup around 8am or 9am so that you’re camera-ready by mid-morning. We start shooting then, and we wrap around noon or 1pm. Next, we treat you to lunch while we review and select the photos we’re going to show you.

After lunch, we reconvene in our studio’s reveal room to relive the morning and help you settle on the images you want for the wall art or album collection that you’re investing in.,

Conversely, if it’s easier to set aside a couple of smaller blocks of time for your experience with us, we can separate your shoot and reveal by a week or so. That gives you the option of completing a morning or afternoon boudoir session in about four hours, and then returning a week or two later for an evening reveal that typically lasts about two hours.

The best part of this approach is that you’re in control of your time!

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