Photographic Art

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Photographic Art

Your journey with us will culminate in your ownership of stunning photographic art created by One Soul and presented by our artisan partners in one of these elegant formats. 

GraphiStudio Amalfi Panel

Our esteemed partner GraphiStudio offers the Amalfi Panel. It’s a beautifully designed piece of wall art that starts with a foundational backing of fabric over an aluminum substrate upon which our deep matte print is mounted and then matted with hand-deckled Amalfi paper.

Amalfi paper is a remarkable type of paper that carries a rich history and is crafted with meticulous care. Amalfi paper is handmade by Cartiera Amatruda in the ancient duchy of Amalfi, Italy. This region is renowned for its centuries-old tradition of papermaking. The Amatruda family has been involved in paper manufacturing since 1380, and their expertise has been passed down through generations. Each sheet of Amalfi paper is deckle-edged and meticulously crafted using traditional methods that date back to the Middle Ages. The paper is made from cotton, resulting in a luxurious texture.

GraphiStudio Storybook

Also featuring beautiful Amalfi paper — as well as full-grain Italian leather — the Graphi Storybook is a soft-bound piece of art. The Amalfi paper is saddle-stitched into the leather binder and hand-torn for an elegantly rustic look and feel.

Finished with monogramming and a split-grain tie wrap, the Storybook is our artistic and discreet solution for clients with children at home ;)

GraphiStudio Young Book

The Young Book is Graphi’s sleek, sexy medium for boudoir art.  Highly personalizable, the Young  Book offers a variety of materials in a spectrum of colors that we’re able to combine with creative designs for the cover and box to express your personality perfectly.

Inside, our page layouts are clean and elegant to celebrate the art that we create with you in the studio. Our timeless designs won’t ever become dated.

GraphiStudio Tramontina

One of the newest creations from our Italian partner, the Tramontina is pure velvet and suede luxury. Soft as a woman’s cheek and creamy smooth to the touch, the Tramontina evokes perfect, luscious femininity. It pairs so well with your beautiful photos inside.

The Tramontina comes with album, matching wrap, and distinctive enclosure, all enhanced with a patch of complimentary fabric that can be embossed with your monogram or laser-etched with your name in any font.

Guild Canvas Print

Family-owned Guild Canvas uses a long-practiced manual technique of bonding photo paper to cavas rather than printing directly to the canvas, creating a denser result that’s resistant to warping. The Guilds take it a step further by then hand-brushing the art with four coats of lacquer, allowing a week to cure between each coat. Finally, the art is treated with a single, thin coat of protective acrylic.

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