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Boudoir beauty team

About our beauty team

Our beauty team believes you deserve to approach your boudoir experience with confidence. That means your hair needs to look its best. So does your makeup. Not to hide who you are, but to highlight who you are.

It’s like when you’re going on a date and you take time for a good clean-up, right? Just because you put some effort into your appearance doesn’t mean you’re not you anymore. You’re just you at your best.

This way, when you see yourself in the mirror, you’re more likely to believe you can pull off a photo shoot. It’s a real fear. So everything we do — from conversations to makeovers — happens for a reason.

Beauty team experience

Consequently, we’ve built a beauty team that we’re super-proud of. Some we’ve known for almost a decade. Others are newer members of our One Soul family. Together, they have almost 50 years of experience behind their makeover decisions and techniques. Individually, they also work their makeover magic in the entertainment and bridal industries when they aren’t on set at One Soul.

Trusted to deliver

For us, they’re a team that we trust implicitly. We know they’ll give our clients the perfect makeover for their personality, bone structure, skin tone, and hair qualities. So now, meet our ladies and check out our gallery to see their amazing work! When you’re ready for the next step, contact us!

Teresas Richards

Teresas Richards

Teresas Richards (pronounced Tuh RAY suh) is a 20-year veteran of the beauty industry, owner of Artistry by Teresas, and creator of her own line of beauty products. To us and our clients, she’s simply amazing as a makeup artist and stylist. Teresas’ work is always spot-on regardless of skin tone or condition, and her results are always flawless! 


Fani Bustos

Makeup artist and stylist Fani Bustos joined us in 2021. A 10-year veteran, Fani trained at Tony&Guy Hairdressing Academy and built her reputation as a hired pro for events and weddings. In November 2021, Fani was invited to join the Miss Universe beauty team for the pageant’s Israel contest leg. 

Brittianna J

Makeup artist and stylist Brittianna got her start at age two plundering through her mother’s makeup bag. She got her break as a commerically trained professional through stints with Clinique, MAC, Sephora, and a season on the set of Housewives of Atlanta. Read all about her at her website and see her latest work on Instagram.

boudoir beauty team

Paula Molinari

Pro Paula Molinari is a makeup artist and hair stylist with more than 25 years’ experience. In fact, her makeovers have even appeared in Fitness World magazine, Atlanta Magazine and Jezebel. She’s also a paddleboard enthusist, Jeep girl, and CrossFit instructor who loves helping women find their true strength. And we mean literally!

boudoir beauty team

Ashley Clara

Stylist and makeup artist Ashley Clara, aka DancingWithScissors, is a multi-talented creative, model, and muse on the Atlanta art scene with more than 10 years experience as a beauty pro. The versatility that she and her team of pros bring to our sessions allows us to tailor a finished look to suit each client. 

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