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Community Resources

Life is rarely fair, often hard, and sometimes short. That’s true for the vast majority of us on this planet. The need is so great, it takes community resources to keep needs met and spirits high. At some point in each of our lives, we could use a hug, a fair shake, a helping hand, a break, an apology, forgiveness. or a second chance. And to sleep well, we all need the chance to give back when good fortune shines upon us.

Rather often, we receive DMs asking for assistance. We aren’t experts in the various fields that wisdom says should be called into play with many of those requests. But we are good at finding those who do have expertise and resources to help most anybody through most any need.

If you’re in a predicament, here are a few places to start asking for assistance.

United Way of Atlanta

  • A virtual smorgasburg of family and social services in Greater Atlanta.

Hands On Atlanta

  • A clearinghouse of Atlanta non-profits addressing the pressing needs of Greater Atlantans. Marietta Financial Assistance Resources

  • A list of sources of financial assistance for a variety of situations.


We’ll post more options as we find and vet them.

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