The Basics

One Soul Fine Art & Boudoir

The Basics

  • Your self-love journey starts with a one-on-one chat and a studio and wardrobe tour to help you decide whether we’re right for you. It’s all about you!
  • Have ideas about what you want from your shoot? We’ll flesh them out.
  • Are you coming into your shoot like a ball of potter’s clay? We’ll guide you toward a vision that you can connect with and own.
  • We’ll talk about what’s included with our session fee and what’s extra so you can make good decisions.
  • We’re all about creating physical art — albums and wall art — so expect that we’ll be showing you our options for adorning your home.
  • When you’re ready to move forward, booking is easy!

Next Steps

Once you’re on our calendar, we’ll help you shop at our partner boutiques and guide you in all your preparations for your big day with us.

On your session day, we’ll greet you with complimentary spa slippers, mimosas and your favorite jams, and we’ll introduce you to the beauty team member who’ll be treating you to a pampering makeover experience.

When you’re camera-ready, we’ll walk you through our vernacular to familiarize you with the kinds of posing direction we’ll give you throughout your session. Then we’ll dive into an immersive few hours of shooting that isn’t bound by the clock or wardrobe count, When we reach a consensus that we’ve captured enough variety, we’ll call it a wrap, and we’ll send you home thrilled and sated!

After the Shoot

You’ll decide at your consultation whether you want to see your photos on the same day as your session or would rather come back in a week or two. Your schedule is our priority.

Either way, seeing yourself so breathtaking is the next thrilling phase of your One Soul experience. If you choose a same-day reveal, then after your shoot we’ll treat you to lunch while we prepare for the big show. Besides, you’ll likely be famished after all that modeling work :)

After lunch — or a week or so later — you’ll be the guest of honor at your private reveal and ordering session. As we relive your day as the center of attention, we’ll pour a glass of champagne to seal your new self-perspective as a life-changing one, because this is your to be uplifted and empowered by the affirmation of your beauty and power as a woman.

We’ll present you with a number of image options that fits with the collection that you were inclined toward at your consultaiton. You’ll have plenty of choices without the reveal experience being overwhelming or pressuring in any way.

Again, it’s all about YOU!

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