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The boudoir beauty team knows how to rock your beauty

Boudoir beauty team

Meet the women behind our personal touch

Kelsey Belair

Kelsey Belair

Client Relations Manager

Kelsey is responsible for making sure your experience with One Soul Boudoir isn’t only empowering, but that it exceeds expectations, as well. She handles most of our initial consultation. And she’s also the one to coordinate your boudoir session with our beauty team and she manages the flow of work by our design and deliverables team so that your photo reveal and print product orders go smoothly.

Kelsey says, “What I like most about working at One Soul Boudoir is its theme of women empowerment. And it’s just fun. I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve always liked the fashion side of things.”

In addition to taking care of our clients, she engages with the members of our ladies-only Facebook group, One Soul Women, and plans and executes social activities. She gets to know our members one by one and makes sure they’re finding value in the group.  When they’re ready for a session, Kelsey’s there to help make it a great experience.

When she joined us, she wasn’t familiar with boudoir, but now she’s completed her first full experience and loved it: “I’ve never been ‘sexy’. Everybody’s like, ‘You’re cute.’ So I don’t really see that sexy side of myself.” Now that she’s seen it, she’s embracing it in her own low-key way.

Lauren Holt

Lauren Holt

Design Lead

We first contracted with Lauren in Spring 2022, and she’s become an important part of our team. After your shoot, Lauren processes the images in preparation for your big reveal and ordering appointment.

Where Jill and David concentrate on posing, composition, and the creative qualities of their studio lighting to make their photos of you, Lauren is concerned with then optimizing the framing, color balance, exposure, contrast, and saturation of each photo to be shown at your reveal. Afterward, Lauren’s the one to custom-design your boudoir album.

In addition to her innate abilities, Lauren also spent two years polishing her technical skills at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

And, since joining us, she’s drunk the One Soul Boudoir punch and has completed a boudoir session with us — her first! Enjoy the sneak-peek!

Barbara Golden

Barbara Golden

Deliverables Specialist

We crossed paths with Barbara Golden in early 2022. She did a session in May with us (see a sneak-peek here), won a spot through her vivacity in an International Women’s Day promotional shoot that we did, and then expressed interest in joining our team when we were looking for someone to handle our print product order deliverables.

So now, after each reveal and ordering appointment, it falls to Barbara to shepherd your Viewfinder reels, crystal USB thumb drives, wall art galleries, mobile apps, wall art, and albums through design, creation, ordering and delivery process. There are a lot of moving parts to her job, and she loves supporting Lauren and Kelsey to keep things flowing.

Barbara’s also enthusiastic about keeping tabs on our inventories of clothing and brand merch, consultation gift bags, Viewfinders, and other items that our clients love.

And she’s enthusiastic about sweets :)

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Whatever it is that has you considering a boudoir session — perhaps as a surprise gift for a significant other, or to celebrate a personal milestone, or to regain something you’ve lost — the biggest thrill for us is hearing you talk afterward about how empowering the experience was, because nothing’s as exciting as self-confidence! 

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