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Team: Kelsey

Boudoir Team

The boudoir beauty team knows how to rock your beauty

Boudoir beauty team

Meet the woman behind our personal touch

Client Relations Manager Kelsey makes sure your consultation, boudoir session, and reveal and ordering appointment goes off without a hitch. She keeps the calendar straight and queues the beauty team for our sessions.

Super-relaxed but quietly on top of things, Kelsey keeps us connected to what’s important week-to-week.

“Besides the opportunity for growth and new challenges  everyday,” Kelsey says, “what I like most about working at One Soul Boudoir is its theme of women empowerment. And it’s just fun. I’ve always been a creative person and I’ve always liked the fashion side of things.”

In addition to taking care of our clients, she’s engaging with the members of our ladies-only Facebook group, One Soul Women, getting to know them and making sure they’re finding value in the group.  When a member’s ready for a session, Kelsey’s there to help make it a great experience.

While Kelsey’s been in front of our cameras a bit, she hasn’t yet done a full boudoir session. Being surrounded by it every day, though, she can’t wait.

“I’m actually really excited about doing a boudoir session. I’ve never been sexy. Everybody’s like, ‘You’re cute.’ So I don’t really see that sexy side of myself. But I’m confident person, and I feel like in the moment I’ll be fine.”

And you can bet when her shoot’s over, she’ll be posting a photo or two!


Ask Jill Marie!

Get all your questions answered about boudoir!

Whatever it is that has you considering a boudoir session — perhaps as a surprise gift for a significant other, or to celebrate a personal milestone, or to regain something you’ve lost — the biggest thrill for us is hearing you talk afterward about how empowering the experience was, because nothing’s as exciting as self-confidence! 

So let’s talk!