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Our boudoir team

At One Soul Boudoir, we’re all about beautiful pictures — but not ONLY about beautiful pictures. We’re also about reinforcing your sense of self-worth through extra-special care and attention.

That’s why we’ve assembled a wonderful team to be there for you throughout your experience with One Soul.


Client Relations Manager

Kelsey is responsible for making sure your experience with One Soul Boudoir isn’t only empowering, but that it exceeds expectations, as well. She handles most of our initial consultation. And she’s also the one to coordinate your boudoir session with our beauty team and she manages the flow of work by our design and deliverables team so that your photo reveal and print product orders go smoothly.

In addition to taking care of our clients, she engages with the members of our ladies-only Facebook group, One Soul Women, and plans and executes social activities. She gets to know our members one by one and makes sure they’re finding value in the group.  When they’re ready for a session, Kelsey’s there to help make it a great experience.



Outreach Specialist

Victoria found us by way of an expired job posting and took the initiative to introduce herself with possible future openings in mind, The ease with which she could start and carry a conversation with us as total strangers impressed us enough to add her to our team as our outreach specialist.

In that role, Victoria is often the first person you’ll meet when contacting One Soul Boudoir. She’s there to answer questions about the experiences we offer, share a bit about our culture of inclusivity and empowerment, and connect new clients with Kelsey, our client relations manager.

Other important things to know about Victoria are that she’s an empath, warm-hearted, and an earthy soul who loves tender things in life. But she’s also a fire-eater. Literally. Ask her sometime.


Image Editor

As an image editor, Lauren’s skills are a valuable resource for the One Soul Boudoir Team. Where Jill and David concentrate on posing, lighting, and composition to create timeless photos of you, Lauren optimizes their work by tweaking the color balance, contrast, and saturation of each photo to make sure they’re stunning — and accurate — representations of the woman in front of the camera.

In addition to her innate abilities, Lauren also spent two years polishing her technical skills at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.


Content Specialist

We knew Tramaine first as a boudoir client who loved her experience with us. Turns out, she’s also a word-smart creative and someone who loves to write. She has a day job doing just that as — in her words– “a curriculum engineer designing career-focused content for students in degree courses, short courses, and executive education courses.”

The thing about people who love the artform (in any of its forms) is that it’s sometimes hard to write enough to be satisfied.

So when we invited her to join us, it was nothing for Tramaine to go from One Soul client to One Soul content specialist. Now, in addition to her curriculum work by day, Tramaine authors many of our blog posts and our new weekly e-newsletter.

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Whatever it is that has you considering a boudoir session — perhaps as a surprise gift for a significant other, or to celebrate a personal milestone, or to regain something you’ve lost — the biggest thrill for us is hearing you talk afterward about how empowering the experience was, because nothing’s as exciting as self-confidence! 

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