Photographers: Studio Rental


Whether you’re an established professional looking for variety in your work or a photography enthusiast on a skill-development journey, our 3,000-square-foot studio in Kennesaw offers both fixed sets and dynamic spaces to support your creative vision.

Fixed sets include Anastasia’s Red Room with cage, the Boudoir Suite, the Tuscan Bath, and the Rain Room.

Dynamic space includes 12×11 warm and cool hand-painted canvas walls, a 12×14 natural-light diffuser wall, and a 10×20 motorized backdrop system with green screen, black muslin, and white vinyl backdrops installed.

Optional lighting equipment includes Profoto B10x Plus and D2 strobes, c-stands and Avenger boom, 3′ and 5′ Profoto RFI octaboxes, 4′ strip lights, 18″ beauty dish, gridded and barn door reflectors, gels, Ice Light, Profoto trigger, and more.

Support spaces include a client meeting space with wall-mounted 60″ OLED TV, dressing room, kitchenette, restroom, and a set-space lounge area.

Studio is gated and includes a studio equipment attendant for all shoots.

Studio rental rate: $100/hour with a four-hour minimum and a $250 refundable cleaning fee.

Availability: 8am-8pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  • full access to all our Profoto equipment is $100 per shoot.
  • more than 4 persons onsite: $100/person.

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