Wardrobe Options

One Soul Fine Art & Boudoir


To help make your One Soul experience nouvelle and exciting, we’ve curated an extensive studio wardrobe that we’ve organized into three collections: the Signature, the Luxe, and the Aphrodite. 

Signature Wardrobe

Our Signature Wardrobe covers almost every size in women’s lingerie, body suits, and sheer robes, from XS to 6X and bras from A-cup to beyond H-cup. The Signature includes an assortment of heels in sizes 5 to 12, as well as lots of accessories.

Luxe Wardrobe

Our Luxe Wardrobe’s collection of beautifully sensual designer apparel and pumps, available with a $150 supplement to your retainer, gives you access to such options as a one-of-a-kind 3/4 length mink coat, mink and feather stoles, Catherine D’Lish marabou gowns, Christian Louboutin stilettos (the legit red-bottoms), floor length angel wings, designer lingerie, and more. 

Aphrodite Wardrobe

Evoking visions of goddesses, our Aphrodite Wardrobe, available with a $150 supplement, includes such bespoke designs as fierce, gold-tipped wings, ornate and exotic headpieces, matching Victorian lace dress and boots, streaming silks, and even a custom-made Victorian-inspired but sheer skirt and bodice. The Aphrodite also includes our collection of body chainis in pearls and rhinestones.

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