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Hi, guys! I’m the David half of One Soul Boudoir. In addition to being a boudoir photographer, I’m also the author of the One Soul Boudoir client stories and photos pages. As a former journalist, I take care of content creation while Jill manages our One Soul Women Facebook group. I love sharing our clients’ fascinating stories, as well as their intoxicating photos.

After each client’s session, we her to reflect on her experience by way of a questionnaire that I then pull from to tell their story.

In our survey, we ask about everything from how they felt at the moment they committed to a session to the way they felt seeing their photos for the first time at their Reveal Party. It’s really comprehensive, and it lets our ladies verbalize their feelings in a way that helps me write a great blog post!

Finally, we close by asking them to reflect on how their boudoir experience has impacted them and what advice they have to other ladies who might be considering but wavering.

When we share client stories and photos

If you see a photo in a blog post, it’s with our client’s written approval.

One more thing: we stick to reality in what we write. While we aren’t practicing investigative reporting here, I do adhere to journalistic principles in my blog posts. For instance, if you see quotes around a sentence, that means the sentence is literally a statement from the client. No quotes? Then I’m either paraphrasing something the client said, or I’m furthering the narrative in my own words.

When the post is ready to publish, we give our featured client a chance to review and either approve or request changes.

So please enjoy our blog for its human stories, instructional insights, and tips on preparing for your own boudoir experience!

Ready for your own boudoir photos?

If so, you’re just a consultation way from your own exciting boudoir experience. Since you’re almost there, we’d love to hear from you. To get going, just contact us here.

Want to talk to our clients yourself? Join One Soul Women on Facebook. Almost all belong to our ladies-only group!

+ Calamity brought Lisa her freedom in the form of determination and resilience.
Boudoir stories

Calamity brought Lisa her freedom

Calamity brought Lisa her freedom....
+ Kacie Says Life is Short So Embrace the Boudoir Shoot
Boudoir stories

Kacie Says Life is Short So Embrace the Boudoir Shoot

Kacie's venture into boudoir embodies the spirit of seizing opportunities and embracing life's moments. ...
+ Krista emerged victorious, winning the chance for a transformative boudoir photoshoot.
Boudoir stories

Krista didn’t want to wash her face after her shoot

Krista emerged victorious, winning the chance for a transformative boudoir photoshoot....
+ Tara rediscovers herself.
Boudoir stories,

Tara Rediscovered Herself

Tara rediscovers herself through boudoir....
+ Kris basks in the boudoir spotlight.
Boudoir stories

Bask in the boudoir spotlight

Kris basks in the boudoir spotlight....
+ Stefanie's boudoir experience was an impossible dream come true.
Boudoir stories

An impossible dream come true

Stefanie's boudoir experience was an impossible dream come true....
+ International Women's Day
Boudoir stories

Women are magic, we celebrate you

Happy International Women's Day!...
+ Meli calls boudoir a date with the unknown.
Boudoir stories

A date with the unknown: Meli’s boudoir experience

Meli calls boudoir a date with the unknown. She learns a little more about herself...
+ For Nicole, boudoir was a beautiful expression of self-love
Boudoir stories

For Nicole, boudoir was a beautiful expression of self love

For Nicole, boudoir was a beautiful expression of self love, although it started as a...
+ A strong, beautiful, and resilient woman
Boudoir stories

A strong, beautiful, and resilient goddess

"I was longing to see me again," Nikki says of her reason to do boudoir....
+ Even better than the first time
Boudoir stories

Boudoir: Even better the second time around

Coasting on the glow from the first boudoir photoshoot, fate led Jody to her second...
+ This mom of three could be you!
Boudoir stories

For this mom, boudoir led to a cathartic cry

"I left feeling like the most beautiful woman," Miranda said. " "I cried all the...
Boudoir stories

Lindsey can’t get enough of boudoir

When Lindsey came to us, she said we wouldn't be delivering her first boudoir experience....
Boudoir stories

Danielle wanted a ME moment and experience

My motivation for FINALLY doing a session was to have that ME moment and experience....
Boudoir stories

Cancer survivor Kristi reunites with self love after surgery

My motivation for doing a boudoir shoot was purely selfish. I wanted to feel whole...
+ Gallery18
Boudoir stories

Promo winner Dana reclaims her self confidence

Fresh out of a bad relationship, One Soul Boudoir's 2021 promo winner Dana took a...
+ Gallery16
Boudoir stories

Cordelia’s self love journey: sheer determination

It's hard saying what got her through the door and into our studio, if not...
+ Happy and comfortable in her skin
Boudoir stories

April: happy and comfortable in her skin

"I was ready. I made a very wise decision to cast my worries out and...
+ be bold
Boudoir stories

Quiet Taylor wanted to be bold

"I’ve done a couple of boudoir sessions before, with different feels and vibes to them,"...
+ boost from boudoir
Boudoir stories

When Supermom needs something for herself…

"My motivation for my session was to really do something for myself," she said. "It...
+ Christina
Boudoir stories

Amputee finds beauty in strength

"I felt like a model getting ready for wardrobe changes for the photo shoot. Seeing...
+ Elizabeth
Boudoir stories

Finding beauty after open-heart surgery at 34

"The whole experience of the shoot was magical," Elizabeth said. "I felt special because it...
+ Lindsey
Boudoir stories

Our One Soul Boudoir adventure blew away this boudoir veteran

"Having done several other shoots with other photographers, I can honestly say this was the...
+ Cyndi
Boudoir stories

More than sweet? Cyndi wanted to find out

"My [girl]friend noticed a difference in me that I hadn't noticed," Cyndi said. "I call...
Boudoir stories

Jill & David’s Wild Adventures in Photos

We thought you might appreciate a little insight into how your One Soul Boudoir photographers...
+ Atlanta boudoir photographer
Boudoir tips

5 sexy looks to grab for a hot shoot!

If you really just want to go shopping for your boudoir session, here are 5...
+ Bridal Boudoir
Boudoir stories

This bridal boudoir wedding gift transformed Ashley’s life

“I wanted to see myself the way my husband sees me. To love myself and...
+ Boudoir stories: Brette
Boudoir stories

Brette gets an attitude change

"This experience was better than I ever expected, and it truly was an unforgettable experience...
+ Donna meets her warrior
Boudoir stories

Donna channels her fierce inner warrior

"I had thought when I turned 50 my family and friends would be there to...
+ Supermodel mom
Boudoir stories

Beth’s a supermodel mom for a minute!

I'm anxiously starting a new career in real estate, and, after seeing those photos, I...
+ Anastasia's Red Room
Boudoir stories

For Carolyn, it’s Beauty 2.0 at 50-ish

I lost my inner connection with who I was and my natural beauty in my...
+ Amber
Boudoir stories

Rebuilding self worth led Amber to boudoir

"It was a toxic marriage,” Amber says, recounting what was to become the beginning of...
+ Boudoir stories
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: Amber, Carolyn and Johanna share

To find out why boudoir is important to some women, we asked three recent clients...
+ Looking fresh for boudoir that's sexy

Boudoir tips: Your first experience

So it's your first boudoir experience. Well get ready. Atlanta boudoir photographer One Soul Boudoir...
+ Confident CeCe
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: From uncertain to confident

It started as a session for CeCe's fiancé but, much as he loved the pics,...
+ boudoir supercharges confidence
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: a boost for this fitness beauty

Even the physically fit are prone to struggling with their self-image -- with feeling beautiful....
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: Why I shoot boudoir

I’m boudoir photographer Jill Marie. I shoot boudoir because I know how it feels to...
+ Meli calls boudoir a date with the unknown.
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: rebuilding self esteem after divorce

Even a health coach shines brighter after rebuilding self esteem with boudoir. Coach Meli shares...
+ transmitting sexiness
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: On being sexy and graceful

Jenise says she’s never been one to display sexiness. You should see her photos and...
+ Sexy gamer
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: this gamer gets sexy

Yumi's husband Brian will tell you his wife is hot as hell. But Yumi herself?...
+ Couples boudoir
Boudoir stories

Boudoir Stories: Couples boudoir makes a sexy celebration

Samantha had her eye on a couple's boudoir session for years and just never made...
+ best colors for boudoir looks
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: a freedom manifesto

Meet Annalise. She's an upwardly mobile 20-something. She's smart, fortunate, attractive --- and conditioned to...
+ Atlanta boudoir photographer
Boudoir stories,

Boudoir stories: Alex’s experience was “empowering as hell”

Alexandra calls her sexy boudoir session "empowering as hell." Read why!...
Boudoir tips

Boudoir loves you in red lace!

Check out these three bomb red lace lingerie sets! ...
+ 11 boudoir looks you own

Boudoir tips: 11 looks you own

You've talked yourself into a boudoir experience, but what to wear? Never fear! Your closet...
+ best color for boudoir

Boudoir tips: best colors for boudoir

Planning a boudoir session? Choose the best colors for the looks you want. ...
+ why you deserve boudoir

Boudoir tips: why you deserve boudoir

If you’re one of those fortunate women who already knows why you deserve boudoir, this...
+ Looking fresh for boudoir

Looking fresh for your session

Looking fresh for boudoir is easy. All it takes is the excitement of booking your...

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