Couples boudoir — the perfect anniversary gift

Samantha had her eye on a couples boudoir session for years and just never made room on the calendar or in the budget to follow through. Then, 10 years with Jonathan was about to pass by. That prospect suddenly made couples boudoir the perfect anniversary gift.

She contacted us through a Facebook promotion and explained her pressing motivation and that she wanted to make it a couple’s boudoir session.

Couples boudoir

Couples boudoir is boudoir, but more

“I also wanted to celebrate my body,” she said, “I have multiple chronic illnesses that I live with each day, I know my body is beautiful, and I wanted to be able to show that.”

Couples boudoir

True to her lighthearted personality, as she recollected her day, she dismissed her inhibitions as quickly as the pain to which she’s accustomed.

“I expected things to be friendly quickly,” she recalled. “It’s hard to stay serious when you’re in your underwear. I also expected professionalism from the photographers.”

Which she got, naturally!

Of course, if she wasn’t nervous about scant outfits, Samantha certainly was about letting someone else do her makeup! That is, until the One Soul beauty team brought their game.

But wait! There’s more… nervousness

Pleasantly surprised, Samantha said, “Once I was camera-ready, I was a little nervous about actually putting the outfits on and choosing just a few. Having my husband there was helpful to allowing me to relax. I loved seeing his face when I would put on the outfits.”

Couples boudoir

She also recalled uncertainty about how she would look in some shots when we asked her to strike poses that seemed awkward. It relieved her that “on camera they looked natural.”

Couples boudoir

She said that in spite of feeling less than self-assured in some of those shots, “Jill and David kept commenting on my expression and how my eyes were so expressive. That was a real confidence booster.”

Couples boudoir

Overall: a big win for couples boudoir

After it was over, Samantha called the day a big win. Her favorite part was when we brought Jonathan into the mix. He left the sidelines and joined her for some romantic couples boudoir photos in the Boudoir Suite and in our 50 Shades-inspired Red Room.

“Once Jonathan started to be involved, things got very silly (and sexy) very fast,” she said. “It wasn’t hard to imagine being teased and turned on. We both loved the experience.”

“I had an amazing time,” Samantha said. “It was better than what I was expecting. I only wish that we had had more time to take more photos!”

Couples boudoir

Samantha’s message to you

“If you aren’t sure, do it. You won’t regret it. And wouldn’t you rather say, ‘I’m glad I did’ than ‘I wish I had’? And then you will have some gorgeous photos that you will want to show to everyone.

Her tips

“1) Don’t be afraid to shed your clothes. Your body is beautiful. 2) Get creative with outfits and locations. You would be surprised what is sexy. 3) Save up your money; you will want to buy all the photos.”

Couples boudoir

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