Jenise learns to transmit sexiness with grace

Jenise says she’s never known how to transmit sexiness with grace, so she just kinda didn’t try.

She does carry herself with a natural grace that makes her welcome company to those around her. It helps that she has a relaxed and gently reserved spirit. And, she laughs readily. What’s more, she’s always full of kind words. So, you’d never know it if she were to have a thought to the contrary!

To us, she’s the example that so many Southern mothers have taught their children to follow in the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Jenise says that reservedness spills over into her sense of femininity and sensuality, as well. She just doesn’t let it show.

Jenise discovers self-confidence!

Jenise: sexiness with grace and elegance

Consequently, Jenise considered her decision to do a boudoir session a big decision. But she wanted a wedding gift for her fiancé. She knew us through friends and family members whom we’d photographed in other genres, and she’d hired us to photograph her planned wedding, but still it took courage to commit to a boudoir session. The trust that she conveyed implicitly was loud, and its importance and fragility wasn’t lost on us.

All that said, the boudoir experience had a hugely positive impact on Jenise. Outside the boudoir suite, she’s still demure, but her self-confidence has skyrocketed and she’s happily connected with her inner sensual creature. She’s discovered what it feels like to transmit sexiness with elegance and grace.

Check out the video interview that we recorded at the end of her shoot, where she shares her impressions about the experience. And then see what you think of the shoot itself!

Boudoir stories: On showing sexiness with grace

Jenise very quickly lost her shyness in this beautifully sheer red gown that we photographed on faux fur in front of a crackling fire by the Christmas tree.

Boudoir stories: On showing sexiness with grace

Jenise connects with her sensuality so beautifully in this photo.

We love the intimate expression on Jenise’s face and her beautiful curves in her white lace bodysuit captured on a mid-century sofa by the Christmas tree.

Jenise, peaceful in mink, admiring the Christmas tree. The mink is a wardrobe option in our Luxe Boudoir Experience