Rebuilding self esteem after divorce

Even a health coach shines brighter after rebuilding self esteem with boudoir.

Meli spent most of her post-divorce attention in 2019 on rebuilding self esteem for others, and forgetting her own challenges. In that year, while running a mobile spa business, she earned her life coach certification with a focus on health and diet.

She was on a solid business track, but her personal healing was on hold, in a way.

Meli discovers boudoir

So it’s serendipitous that we crossed paths with her. Not as Health Coach Meli, but as the operator of her mobile spa business. We hired her to provide the spa component of a new boudoir package called the Boudoir Spa Experience.

Our Atlanta boudoir photography was totally new to Meli. At first, she was unsure about using sexy, feminine photos for rebuilding self esteem. But after being on hand for a couple of boudoir bookings that required spa services, she decided to give it a try herself.

As you’ll hear in her own words in the following video, Meli’s wounded self-esteem and self-image needed the kind of rebuilding that boudoir can give.

Magic: rebuilding self esteem

Not surprisingly, the magic of boudoir lies in the fact that it forces you to presume that you’re feminine. After all, you’re dressing in lingerie and posing gracefully and seductively. And those are things that Meli had necessarily placed on the back burner for so long.

After her session, she seemed to come alive — so much so that she did another session just prior to the video you’re about to see.

We hope her takeaways inspire you to give yourself the gift of this transformative experience, so listen in!

rebuilding self-esteem through boudoir

After her boudoir sessions, Meli joined us as a brand ambassador. She’s also a moderator in One Soul Women, our fun and inspirational ladies-only Facebook community of Greater Atlanta women.

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rebuilding self-esteem through boudoir