Supermom and girly girl does boudoir

Boudoir might just be the thing to do

Renee loves taking pictures. She’d never done a boudoir session but likes out-and-about photos of herself and her family. She’s a mom, a wife, a self-proclaimed girly girl. Loves her family. Prides herself on being a “supermom”. But in the quiet moments lately, she was finding herself feeling down. Not the what’s-it-all-for kind of down. More like an I’m-running-on-empty kind of down. Like, Renee needed a break, is all.

“My motivation for my session was to really do something for myself,” she said. “It was something I have always wanted to do but I was holding myself back.”

“I get the needing to hold off and keep pushing it aside,” she said. “I know I did. However, there is no time like the present to enjoy and experience this.”

Consultation magic

It helps that our approach to boudoir creates the opportunity for a relaxed introduction before the session day arrives. That’s our consultation magic: typically in-person, but occasionally via Zoom or Facetime. We use the time to talk about motivations, concerns, and expectations, as well as practical stuff like the whole soup-to-nuts process, wardrobe tips, and preparation tips.

Renee wanted some photos to be feminine, elegant, and pretty, and others to be playful and passionate. She also wanted to give a nod to her ballet upbringing by incorporating her pointe shoes and tutu into the shoot. Oh, and she’s part of a hockey family, so she wanted to bring a hockey stick and jersey.

Supermom and girly girl does boudoir

Supermom finds comfort outside the comfort zone

When her shoot day arrived, Renee recalls not being nervous; just anxious to get started.

“I love being in front of the camera and I was very comfortable and ready for anything,” she said.

First order of business, of course: hair and makeup, and she was thrilled by that whole experience.

“I’m such a girly girl, and loved every minute. I never had lashes on before so that was super fun to have done.”

When we finally got started with the photography, Renee feel right into it. She’d made her wishes known about ballet and hockey. Beyond that, she put herself into our hands.

“It was a very relaxed and comfortable setting. Flowed well. I didn’t think too much during my shoot. I just was having fun and just went with flow,” Renee said. “I did get out of my comfort zone a few times with wardrobe and some poses, but it made me think more about myself and to have the courage and confidence for anything.”

As many of our clients attest, our poses might feel strange and impossibly awkward-looking, but trusting our process pays off in surprisingly natural-looking photos.

Supermom and girly girl does boudoir
Supermom and girly girl does boudoir
Supermom and girly girl does boudoir

And when that boost from boudoir comes…

“It’s hard to envision what your pictures will look like. You know what you looked like and felt, but you never know how they will turn out. Even though you trust the person behind the camera, you do have a thought that, ‘Oh my, what if they don’t turn out well?'” Renee said, adding, “There are just no words, speechless, when seeing your pictures.”

“I’m always the one taking pictures and am never in them just because of how I felt about myself. This was the first time in a long time I didn’t critique myself, and I wanted to look at ME in the pictures. I would never have thought I would put ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’ together with pictures of me.”

Renee’s advice

“You owe it to yourself to have a session done. For mind, body, and soul.”

Supermom and girly girl does boudoir