Meli calls boudoir a date with the unknown.

Meli is what we call an enthusiast. She blazed into our studio for the third time as full of curiosity as she was the first time. She calls boudoir “a date with the unknown.”

“Stepping away from the familiar, from my old self and experimenting with who I can become, the amazing, mature, sexy, confident, future woman of my dreams. There is so much to see, feel, and express in a boudoir session. I think of it as an unlimited and fulfilling experience.” 

In fact, Meli taps into an unknown dimension of herself each time she does a boudoir session.

Embracing growth

Meli experiences growth outside the comfort of familiarity. Boudoir inspires courage, fear, and excitement but in that haze of conflicting emotion, Meli abandons her comfortable hideaway and becomes the woman of her dreams.

“Being the third photo shoot with Jill and David, I felt more confident, relaxed, and open to go beyond my comfort zone while preserving my essence,” she said.

Meli calls boudoir a date with the unknown.

On a higher plane

From being pampered with makeup and mimosas to being celebrated in front of the camera, boudoir is a stimulating affair. Meli said she felt like she was floating on a higher plane.

“The experience is magical,” she said. “I didn’t want to wash my face.”

While she’s learned to love herself as a person, she said she wanted to leave her everyday self at the door and become her “deepest inner fierce.”

“What a great feeling!” she exclaimed. “Boudoir is the real thing!”

Unknown date revealed

Although it was her third time, Meli said she’s still awestruck by her photos. She said she’s impressed with herself by how much her self-confidence has grown, and she’s thrilled that she no longer needs proof from Jill and David that she’s beautiful. But she’s come to love exploring the unknown!

To anyone considering boudoir, Meli says, “I hope that you do not overthink it. Gift yourself this amazing experience because you’re worth it!”