Busting excuses: why you deserve boudoir

If you’re one of those fortunate women who already knows why you deserve boudoir, read this anyway. Something will resonate.

But if you’re like many ladies, the idea of stripping to your intimates and prancing like a Hollywood star in front a camera might be perfectly fine — for someone else.

But wait. What about you? Why not for you? Because because because, right? Because there’s always something that amounts to no, right?

why you deserve boudoir

Truth is, though, we’re not talking about a life decision like whether to have surgery, change careers, get married, or buy a house. We are, however, talking about something that can be life-changing because of the way it impacts your self-confidence. It’s really just a fun afternoon we’re proposing, but with profoundly wonderful and lasting effects.

Still, let’s go over all the excuses for not doing something good for yourself.


Give me a couple of glasses of wine, and that’d be fun to do with a couple of girlfriends! And without the camera.

Fair enough. Call the girls and let’s have a boudoir party! But WITH the camera. No bargaining there.

why you deserve boudoir

OMG, I can’t even give myself an honest gaze in the bathroom mirror after a shower.

To understand why you deserve boudoir, let me refer you to my blog about why I shoot boudoir. You can’t give yourself an honest gaze because you’ve been convinced by a marketing pitch that you’re only beautiful-if.

The whole concept seems wayyyy too sexual to me. I don’t even do that at the end of a first date I enjoyed. idk.

Ask any of my ladies whether their session was a turn-on, and they’ll tell you unanimously that 1) um, no; 2) but it was fun in a girly way, and 3) it was a real workout holding all those contorted (but cool) poses for 15 or 20 seconds at a time. My client and now friend Meli says it best. Listen to Meli talk about her session.

@heybff no nerve here but YOU should try this!

LOL okay. This isn’t an audition or a job interview or even a test. How many times have you gone shopping with girlfriend or your mom or sister and tried on outfits for each other? Seriously, it’s about like that, except that while you’re in that outfit, I’m telling you what to do with your limbs 🙂 And we’re not at the mall. Unless, of course, you’ve chosen my Date Night Experience, in which case we actually do go to the mall or a boutique and I take pictures of you shopping and trying on something that we pretend you’re going to wear on a hot date that night.

Here’s where I’m at: I have sex with the lights out, and I presume that if I were to do a boudoir session, I’d be dressing for sex, basically, and I assume that camera would need light for pictures, sooooo that’ll be a no.

And that attitude is EXACTLY what we’re changing. I guarantee that you’ll treat yourself much more kindly after your boudoir session. You’ll like your body at least as much as your lover does. Oh, and we aren’t so much dressing for sex as we are for self-flattery. Tell yourself enough times that you really like your butt, and you actually will, eventually.

Couples boudoir

I have a job, a husband, two kids, a ferret, a stomach disorder, and a fixation on Bachelorette episodes that I can’t miss. When I have time to myself, I’m sleeping.

Priorities, of course. We all have ’em. But what if you skipped living vicariously through just one Bachelorette episode and became the star of your own show? And with reruns in the form of an album, I’m betting my reputation on you never getting tired of reliving those few hours you spent in front of my camera.

I don’t have the boobs for it.

Again, we aren’t shooting a Baywatch episode, and I don’t run a Hooters. I run a boudoir studio with a mission to elegantly celebrate your unique feminine form, and together we’ll create the most breathtakingly beautiful photos of you that you’ve ever seen. And you’ll love your boobs.

After my boob job, absolutely.

How about a before and after?

I don’t have anything to wear. I’d have to spend a whole day at the mall — and a whole paycheck.

Read my blog about 11 wardrobe ideas you already own. Plus I have a pretty big wardrobe that I open up to my clients 😉

I don’t like my butt. I need to spend a few months at the gym first.

Most ladies at the gym don’t even like their butts. Fact. And while they’re at the gym week after week, putting off that boudoir session, they’re also growing older. Their butt’s looking better, but other things are starting to go. You’re as pretty right now as you’ll ever be. Do the boudoir session now.

I don’t like my hair.

I have a hair stylist. Hush. Do the session.

Can you make me look skinny?

My photos of you will be flattering, because I know how to pose you, what to illuminate and where to apply shadows. It’s definitely still you in the pictures. They’re just great pictures of you. How’s that?

I need to lose weight.

There’s so much wrapped up in those five words. Honestly, no one would dispute that we should maintain a healthy weight so we can enjoy a long and active life. And medical science is clear that letting our weight get out of hand can lead to some debilitating health conditions.

But weight has nothing to do with beauty. The “ideal” female body type has fluctuated wildly over the ages and across cultures. Here’s a short video about 3,000 years of body-type preferences.

I can’t afford it.

Anybody can afford my sitting fee almost as easily as they can afford to get their hair done. And my fee even includes a complete makeover with hair styling, makeup and lashes! And the photo session! My optional add-on experiences have a range of prices, from an inexpensive milk bath shoot to the splurge of the Boudoir Spa experience. Finally, I have products to fit every budget, and payment plans, too.

My guy won’t appreciate it.

I’m not telling your guy to do the boudoir session 🙂 I mean, we do couple’s boudoir, but this blog’s about what’s keeping you personally from doing a session. And your session isn’t for him to appreciate. It’s for you. Hey, if you show him the pics and he loves them, great. But it’s all about you and how they make YOU feel.

I don’t look like the girls I’ve seen in pictures.

To be honest, neither do they. We professional photographers are great at making people look their absolute best. So quit comparing. Start admiring. And do your shoot. Do your shoot! Do. Your. Shoot.