Why boudoir is important

To find out why boudoir is important to some women, we asked three recent clients for the female perspective. Carolyn, Amber and Johanna (pictured below) will share their stories in a moment.

boudoir is important

But before we give them the mike, let’s point out that the opening question asks why boudoir is important. Not a boudoir session, boudoir shoot or boudoir photos. That’s because the session is just an activity and the photos are just the artifacts.

To focus on either misses the fact that the experience on the whole is what’s so momentarily engulfing and ultimately life-changing. And, consequently, important.

The impact starts with a decision

You see, the instant you push aside negative thoughts and negative emotions to seriously entertain having intimate photographs made of yourself, you’re assailed with inputs — old thoughts and emotions foisted upon you by others.

You re-hear everything you’ve ever been taught or told (for better or worse) about who you are, how you look, how you should conduct yourself, and what you’re worth on the open market of society.

And all that continues playing in the back of your mind as you wade deliberately into the torrid boudoir pool. And, whether it’s your intention or not, into the unexplored depths of your self-acceptance.

Boudoir is important as a journey

So. What’s important isn’t just the planning about what to wear and how to prepare. It isn’t the imaginative fantasies you’ll have about poses, looks and scenes fed by boudoir photos from Pinterest boards.

It isn’t even the indulgent hair and makeup attention you’ll get in your makeover before you transition to our boudoir studio for your photo session.

And, contrary to what you might expect, it isn’t your nervous channeling of unpracticed sensuality and romance when you take off your clothes and try to lounge convincingly for the camera. Half-naked. In front of a camera held by your boudoir photographer, a stranger, no less. Totally outside your comfort zone.

Even though all that will feel good — even feel amazing, surprisingly — not even that is what’s important.

What about the photos? No, the insanely beautiful pictures you’ll eventually want in a photo album don’t even begin to encapsulate what makes boudoir so important.

Bottom line

All of this combined is what makes a boudoir photo shoot so important. It’s everything from the rush of emotions when you commit to a session to the self-reevaluation you begin when take your photos home. To being surprised at how confident and sexy you felt.

It’s every bit of the boudoir experience multiplied by the lifelong impact of finally understanding what makes you beautiful.

As you’ll read in the following stories, the effects of an Atlanta boudoir photography session with One Soul can touch your life in crazy positive ways.

While those impacts aren’t always black and white, your romantic relationships are an obvious benefactor. When you feel better about yourself and feeling sexy, you’re not only more responsive to others’ overtures, you’re inexplicably more attractive.

We often think of stress as an externally originating negative in our lives. But we can bring on our own stress, too, just by being unhappy with our appearance. So your mental health gets some stress-relief when you’re feeling comfortable in your skin. When that happens, we say you feel empowered.

Now on to Amber’s story.