11 boudoir looks you already own

You’ve talked yourself into a boudoir experience, but it’s been so long since you’ve dressed up for bedtime, you’ve nothing to wear, right? Well, not only is it no big deal, your closet and dresser are a literal treasure trove of boudoir looks you already own that’ll be perfect for your shoot!

Boudoir looks we love most

As you might guess, our favorite looks are those innocent, innocuous little items that we can abuse. For instance, sweats, cut-offs and baby tees top our list. But anyway, let’s browse through a few items common to every girl’s closet or dresser and share some sexy ways to abuse them for the camera.

Full-bottom panties

Great for comfort. But not so great for looking sexy. So leave ’em at home. Tricked you, right? lol. Seriously, you’ll feel instantly sexier in everything else you wear if you’re naked underneath. Furthermore, there are actually health benefits to running commando. This actually is a life lesson that you should live daily. But if you must, then be sexy about it: wear boy shorts, bikini briefs, a thong or a g-string. As for me, I only wear that stuff for decoration 😉

Sweat pants

Sure, they look pretty slouchy at the grocery store, and some influencers even have hard and fast rules about wearing sweatpants. However, not on the list is whether to wear them in a boudoir shoot. To which we give a hearty YES!! Because when we snug you up with a pillow on the bed, those sweat pants can look pretty sexy if pushed down a little and paired with a crop top and bare feet!


As we mentioned, cut-off jeans are hot — with or without panties. That means you can slip into your ratty old pair with confidence! Even better, leave them unbuttoned for a little showiness. Next, just add a spaghetti T, plaid flannel shirt, or a crop-top for some super-sexy cuteness, and then finish the look with bare feet and a pony tail.

Boudoir looks

Oversized sweater

Not only is a sweater pretty, add a pair of lacy panties and that’s all you need to rivet the attention of your admirers. Best worn bra-less and off the shoulder with a suggestive smile and a glass of wine.

Gym shorts

A pair of gym shorts, your favorite ratty T-shirt and those old tennis shoes make for a great girl-next-door look. Just about any style of gym short will do the trick, too.

White button-down dress shirt

Whether it belongs to you or your significant other, an unbuttoned white shirt with white lacy panties in a light, bright and airy setting is classically fresh and feminine 🙂

Flannel PJs

Okay, not every girl has ’em, especially in the South, but flannel PJs can be very sexy when you tug at them and forget to button them properly.

Satin Chemise

These were more popular in the past than now, but if you’re one to have a chemise or two in your dresser, pair it with satin panties for an elegant bedroom look without making a trip to Victoria’s Secret.

boudoir looks

Knee-high socks, thigh-highs, or tube socks

Anything that covers some or most of your legs without quite reaching your important bits is, well, hot. Add a pair of cheekies for a tiny bit of modesty there, and a spaghetti top to tug on, and you’ve just become a real distraction for somebody.

Full back-zip or full front-button dress

Either of these sends the sexy message that, “this is not supposed to stay on me,” which is a great message for boudoir photos to send! Spiky heels are a must with this look.

Birthday suit

If we exhaust your wardrobe options before you’re exhausted from shooting, your birthday suit is always with you. The best part is that there are so many tasteful, artistic ways to celebrate your bare beauty!

boudoir looks


Hopefully this post has you thinking outside the box about what to wear. And hopefully it has you a bit relieved knowing you don’t have to shell out for wardrobe.

That said, if what you really needed was an excuse to go shopping, we’ve also blogged our tips on spending well. You can read it here.