“Beautiful and photogenic for the first time”

As happens with almost everybody in life, April had lost sight of herself “as a woman outside of wife and mother. I wanted to get my ‘mojo’ back, and regain confidence in myself.” That’s why she booked her boudoir session with One Soul Boudoir. Our goal: to amaze her at how happy and comfortable in her skin she could be.

Happy and comfortable in her skin

While she had good reason to spend an afternoon with us, she said her emotions on the way to her shoot were a mixed bag.

“It was the feeling you get at the top of a hill on a roller coaster: part excitement and part ‘can i go back?'”, she recalled. “I will honestly say that excitement and nervousness were at war in my stomach!”

Nerves? What nerves?

She pushed through her doubts and made it to the studio, of course.

“I put my feel-good music on in the car and tried to remind myself of all my attributes. I was getting concerned about rolls and cellulite but decided to have faith in Jill and David.”

Those nerves are why we start things the way we do on shoot day: with your favorite music, a delicious mimosa, and a leisurely makeover by our beauty team while we chat and create the day’s looks from your wardrobe items and ours.

“It felt so great to be pampered. It felt like a vacation,” April said. “I felt like a pinup model!! All pretty and classic.”

Sometimes, when we transition from the dressing room and makeover experience to the boudoir suite to start the shoot, those pesky nerves start creeping back for our clients. But not for April.

Happy and comfortable in her skin

Have a little faith

“I was ready. I made a very wise decision to cast my worries out and completely put myself in Jill and David’s hands. I trusted their suggestions and methods and I am so glad I did!! The whole experience was empowering. I felt so relaxed and confident.”

Happy and comfortable in her skin

April remembered that she was “so afraid that I would be hyper-focused on my flaws and afraid to do the poses. But I felt so comfortable — even with nothing but my boots on!! I cannot begin to say how happy I am that I took the leap and booked.”

“I wasn’t ready for it to be over!” she said. “I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole way home! I couldn’t wait to come back and see the results! I definitely had a higher self-image after!”

Happy and comfortable in her skin

Reveal time: comfortable in her skin — again!

So what about her reaction to the photos?

“I was in awe. I absolutely couldn’t believe that was me in the photos! I looked happy and comfortable in my skin. There were some that you could feel the emotion just leap out, raw and honest. I saw myself as beautiful and photogenic for the first time.”

Happy and comfortable in her skin

Her message to ladies on the fence about a session:

“Every woman deserves to feel sexy, beautiful and confident,” April said. “Jill and David will absolutely show you your beauty, inner and outer, through their photographs. I do not regret one second or one penny that I spent on this.”

“You will see yourself as a true reflection of your inner goddess instead of what you see in the mirror day to day,” she assured. “This experience will lead you to dig deep and find your goddess.”

Happy and comfortable in her skin
Happy and comfortable in her skin
Happy and comfortable in her skin