Boudoir Suite Bed

Boudoir Suite Bed

November 5, 2022

The Boudoir Suite bed is located in the most versatile of the five sets at our Marietta Square studio. Here we can create light, bright, airy scenes as well as moody, nighttime scenes in mid-afternoon!

For our clients and for our own creative bent, we strive to make each shoot unique. We do have our go-to setups, but even then, they translate differently with each client. So no two sessions produce the same photos.

You’ll almost certainly notice that the degree of undress varies with our ladies. That’s always a matter of personal preference at One Soul Boudoir. We can produce creative, memorable photos with and without clothes.

We should also say that all photos were published with the permission of our clients.

Fall in love with yourself, with One Soul Boudoir!

One Soul Boudoir sessions are all about self-discovery. Come find you at your best!