Hot Friday is EXTENDED


Here's what $99 gets you:

Wardrobe planning consultation
Shoot-day mimosas & spa slippers to keep
2+ hours of studio photography with Jill and David
50% off Luxe Wardrobe, Rain Room, Couple Time, & Car Boudoir
50% off all a la carte print product purchases
10% off any of our Italian Collections

Optional extra:
Professional Makeover ($200)

Hot Friday sessions and reveals MUST be completed in 2023.
No rescheduling within 30 days of your original shoot date.


One Soul Boudoir
One Soul Boudoir



At One Soul Boudoir, Jill and David never fail to deliver a life-changing experience and breathtaking photos that’ll make you fall in love with yourself! 

Ready to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin? There’s never been a better opportunity than the HOT FRIDAY BOUDOIR SALE!

One Soul Boudoir
One Soul Boudoir









This is our time to get to know each other. We’ll talk about what you have in mind for your session and your desired takeaways, and we’ll answer all your questions about the One Soul experience. If we meet at the studio, you’ll get a full tour, as well!



If you go for the optional complete makeover — STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!! — we’ll start with a robe, spa slippers, music and a mimosa while you’re pampered with a complete makeover by our beauty team. Then Jill and David will guide you through a fun and empowering photo shoot that will leave you wondering why you waited!



Your Reveal and Ordering Appointment is where you and a guest will enjoy a wine-and-cheese spread, relive your day in the studio, see your photos for the first time, and choose the ones you want to keep! You’ll love the special pricing that comes with every HOT FRIDAY BOUDOIR SPECIAL!



Whether you settled on a beautiful album, statement pieces for the walls at home, or both, the day your purchases arrive is a day you’ll not forget. There’s something special about seeing yourself in print! 


Our client wardrobe covers shoe sizes 6 to 11 and clothing sizes XS to 6X. Wardrobe options include hundreds of lingerie pieces, body chains, and corsets, a variety of Christian Louboutin stilettos, two Catherine D’Lish Marabou gowns, ostrich feather fans and stoles, a Neiman Marcus mink coat, two sets of floor-length angel wings, a selection of designer lingerie, and more!


Jill and David are fun and reassuring posing coaches who’ll guide you in ways to accentuate and flatter your best assets. They’ll even pose your, hands, toes, and facial expression to create photos that communicate you strength and self-confidence.


Our 3,000sf studio includes 1,800sf of open set space that we’ve devoted to version 3.0 of our long-popular Boudoir Suite and Anastasia’s Red Room, our new French Bath set, two hand-painted natural-light portrait walls, a variety of backdrops, and our all-new Rain Room. Plus, we can create sets on the fly to bring your vision to life. We can even roll your favorite car into our studio for a boudoir-car mash-up!


Celebrate yourself in print! All our print collections include a custom-designed Italian-made or US-made photo album, and an online wall art gallery. Most include digital copies of your album images on a crystal USB thumb drive. And many even include a retro viewfinder! 

Our wall art includes MetalPrints and canvas prints in sizes from 8×8 to a massive 122×60. 



Hear it from our happy clients!

One Soul Boudoir
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I have done this experience twice and each time it gets better every single time! They are phenomenal at making you comfortable and beautiful beyond belief! I highly encourage everyone to take a shot at feeling this incredible high!
Jill does amazing work!
Where do I begin?!?! This is gunna be long. I have wanted to do a shoot for a long time! Me and my aunt had planned on it and then she suddenly passed away. So for my 30th birthday, I said screw it we are doing it and in honor of myself and her! I had been looking and looking and was about to drive all the way to bama and the most beautiful soul Kelsey called asking if I wanted to claim my wedding coupon! I was like, hmmm where did I see them but who cares. So I set up my interview appointment and then next thing I know I was passing over my cc to book! After messaging Kelsey and Jill about ideas and my wardrobe, the day finally came! I was at the studio 5 ish hours and lordy child let me tell you, it was WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED David and Jill! Now first thought was dang, a man helping ?!?!?! Then I was like I ain’t gunna let that stop me. My main reason was my HS. I have scaring and red spots from my HS. Being big never has bothered me, it’s the scars this incurable HS has given me. I wanted this shoot to give me my confidence back! So when I put on my first revealing outfit on I walked in confident but looked at em and said, now I feel uncomfortable! David got really serious from his earlier very playful, silly, joking demeanor and laid the camera down and asked what we were gunna do about it? I said I guess we gunna get those pictures done, they grabbed the camera and said let’s do it! I didn’t have another worry in the world it was on and playful and fun from then on out! I didn’t hold back and gave it my all, now knowing my HS was finally not going to over take me and they weren’t going to laugh or make fun of me! They were NOT looking for my imperfections! The rain room was last and Lordy was it cold but so reviving! I just got my book back and I want to cry I love it so much. And all the compliments I have been getting has definitely given me a big head lol. Overall 1000/10 and want to be in front of the camera now, like right this second!! Thank you David, Jill and Kelsey for getting me out of my comfort zone and listening to all my crazy ideas!! Will definitely be back!! I named my shoot, Year of Blossoming so Fxxk Your Beauty Standards and y’all definitely helped me achieve the look and confidence boost I needed!! Xoxo 💋 Erika Michele #badass2024
Jill and David are nothing short of amazing!From start to finish- this experience will be a powerful reminder that beauty transcends size and scars, emanating from within.I highly recommend every woman who is seeking to reclaim their sense of self and embrace their inherent beauty invest in themselves and experience not just the photoshoot you receive, but the unconditional love you have poured over you throughout the entire process!
I had the best experience ever. Don't be shy to go have boudoir pics done. I'm not going to lie. I was scared but Kelsey and David got me out of my comfort that I was in. I kept saying I was ugly. Was a beautiful. I wasn't sexy and ever since. I went and had my pictures done. I look in the mirror and I say wow I do look beautiful inside and outside. I want to say thank you for giving me the best experience ever. I can't wait to do this again. And on top of that the place is clean
What an experience. I would say once in a lifetime but tbh I am hoping to do it again! Jill and David make magic… in the studio, in your pictures, in your self image, in your mindset. From the moment you arrive for your session to well after departure, you feel like a goddess. It is truly life changing the way they make you feel. I’m gushing over my pictures still months later❤️
If you’ve considered a boudoir experience, look nowhere else! Jill and David are absolutely amazing and talented photographers!At my consultation we discussed themes and wardrobe. Their wardrobe has options for all sizes and styles. I was so nervous to go to my shoot, but as soon as I walked in, Jill greeted me and I was at ease! I had professional hair and makeup with mimosas! I felt like a star! Jill and David guided me through the different poses on the sets as we laughed and chatted and the time flew by! I was stunned at my reveal! They continually reaffirmed it wasn’t the pictures that were stunning it was me! And I was starting to see it too! It was so difficult to only choose the pictures for the album, they were all fantastic! I went to pickup the Italian made leather album and viewing it for the first time, a few pages in, I cried happy tears! The experience I had at One Soul Boudoir changed the way I look at myself. I can see the way others see me. I’ve never invested anything like this in myself, and I can’t wait to do it again! I absolutely adore Jill and David and the One Soul family I’ve become part of!
OneSoul boudoir is amazing! Folks... You seriously need to do this for yourself. I have never felt beautiful and empowered until the one soul team brought it out of me. They helped me realize it was in me the whole time. They are professional and beyond amazing! They will help you through every step of the process. They take the time to really get to know you so that they can embrace your true you. The experience makes you feel like a queen; the reveal helps you accept that you ARE a queen! The experience doesn't stop there. They become like family and have fun events throughout the year to help solidify the bond. They are all about positivity. We are all beautiful! Thank you to Jill, David, Kelsey.... I love and appreciate all you did for me and countless others! Y'all are the best of the best!
Absolutely blown away by the professionalism and talent. From start to finish, the experience was special and seamless. Their creativity and attention to detail truly captured everything I could've wanted. The results exceeded my expectations, delivered stunning, timeless images that I will cherish forever. Highly recommend this studio to anyone seeking top-notch photography services.
I started interacting with One Soul on Facebook and really enjoyed the positive body image and affirmations that were posted on their page. They offered a special studio deal on a session at the end of last year and I decided to take the jump. I am so glad that I did! They listened to my priorities for my session and made me feel totally comfortable with the process. I felt pampered from the time I arrived. A few days later, when I received the photos, I was beyond pleased with the results. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved! Teresas was great! Jill and David were equally amazing— both of them brought their talents and their ideas to my shoot. They are a great team! And a special shout out to Kelsey who gave me great support throughout the entire process! Thank you, One Soul, for making this experience unforgettable!
Jill and David are the most professional and most talented photographers around. Our experience with them was the best. Thank you for making our gorgeous photo session so fun and memorable. We will definitely have more sessions in the future!
My experience at One Soul was fantastic! The studio is very clean and the sets were very unique. Jill and David were super professional, kind, and made the shoot absolutely amazing. Just when I thought the whole experience couldn't get any better I saw the photos. Jill and David truly have a very artistic eye and really captured me well. I couldn't believe how stunning the photos were and seeing myself in this way gave me SO much confidence.I can't thank Jill and David enough for the whole experience!
They are amazing! It's not just getting your pictures taken. They make it all about you! If you want to not only look amazing but also feel amazing while having a great time, this is your studio!!!
I have had to take a few weeks to figure out what I wanted to say….David and Jill are just plain amazing. I was so comfortable with both of them for my photo shoot. I had the best time. I felt gorgeous and empowered, something I haven’t felt in a long time. I think I lost that part of myself when I became a mom; that part of me was on the back burner. Jill and David helped me rediscover the gorgeous badass I am and bring her to the surface. I cannot say enough about them. Do the shoot! You won’t regret it!
Absolutely phenomenal experience at One Soul Budoir! From start to finish, the team went above and beyond to ensure every moment of my boudoir photo shoot was nothing short of spectacular. The ambiance of the studio was elegant and inviting, creating the perfect atmosphere for confidence to shine. Dave and Jill were not only incredibly talented but they also made me feel completely at ease! Thank you, One Soul Budoir, for capturing my essence so beautifully. Five stars doesn't seem like enough!
Is it possible to give 20 stars? I recently had my 3rd session with One Soul and once again it was a totally new experience and an absolute blast! My first session was planned well in advance ad gave me lots of time to fret (I am quite the overthinker) The second one was only a few days notice due to a cancellation. Less time to think = less stress in my world. Needless to say, I had an amazing time both times.Fast forward to this past Thursday and I saw a post asking if anyone wanted to do portraits/headshots/fashion shots the next day. I happened to already be scheduled to be in the area and jumped at the chance. Jill made me feel extraordinary, she is always such a joy and so full of positive energy, it's contagious, you just can't help but to smile. With this being a portrait session it was so different from my previous sessions, but the underlying energy and detail was just the same. I felt like a true model, Jill prompted and posed me, but also was open to anything I wanted to explore pose wise.These amazing people, artists, friends got my photos ready the very next day for my review, I was so impressed. I told them about how when I was very young I was scared of the camera and David answered with "you aren't now!" He's right, I'm not scared of the camera, I'm not scared of looking at my pictures, I'm not scared to say I look gorgeous. This is all really big stuff for me to say the least. I looked at those pictures this afternoon and saw my spark, I haven't seen it in so long it took me a while to realize what it was.Thank you One Soul team, I love all of you and I'm so happy to have found you. I'm so happy that you helped me find myself.
My experience was absolutely amazing! I'm normally uncomfortable in front of the camera but Jill and David made me felt like I was a pro! I was very comfortable with the poses and the sceneries. My reveal was the best part of the experience! I was in awe of the pic choices and I felt at home with my favorite hors d'vours and drink. Again, Amazing experience! 👏🏾
One Soul is hands down the best boudoir studio in Atlanta!Going into my photoshoot I was fearful and worried. Fearful of not being able to come across as sexy and confident and worried I'd hate what I saw on the other side of the camera. All I can say now is man, I was wrong to feel that way! For the first time in my life, I felt like the strong woman I'm becoming. My mindset has changed. My priorities have changed. My taste has changed. This shoot showed me that I'm evolving. Who knew running around half naked could do something so life altering? It showed me that I'm capable of more than I think.So, ladies, if you're thinking about doing a shoot just pull the trigger. You'll gain so much out of this experience. More than you know. Plus, who doesn't want beautiful art to cherish forever? Something you can look at every day and say, "Yep, I did that!!" It is quite the game changer.Thank you, Jill and David, for opening my eyes and helping me see what was right in front of me all along. :)
What an amazing experience! The whole experience was beyond words. I can't say enough on how empowered and beautiful it made me feel. Jill and David are wonderful and know how to make sure you get the most out of the boudoir experience!
I had such a fantastic experience with David and Jill back in September when I had my session. I had always been intrigued on the idea of a boudoir shoot, but hesitant at the same time. I was scared to put myself out there. However, I was getting married in October and I really wanted to surprise my now hubby with some admirable photos of myself on the day of our wedding. From the start of consultation with Kelsey, to the big shoot day, to the reveal, y’all I felt like a QUEEN! I felt so comfortable and on top of the world. My confidence has boosted even more since the shoot. The reveal was a dream. Thank you so much team one soul! Love yall! And thanks for making me a happy gal.
I did a boudoir photo shoot with David and Jill and i had the best experience. They are professional, funny, and make you feel comfortable in it otherwise awkward situation. From hair and make up, to the actual photo session the overall experience was one of a kind. I absolutely loved my photos. The quality of the photos were great, which I’m not surprised as David’s eye for detail is unmatched. I would recommend one so photography to anyone!
There are not enough stars in the world that I could give this experience. It might sound silly to some people that just a photoshoot could do so much for personal growth but I cannot even express the impact that Jill and David have had on how I view myself and my confidence. They allow you to express a whole new side of yourself and step out of your comfort zone in a fun and safe environment. I truly believe every woman would benefit from this experience, you will step out of it fully renewed and full of confidence and self love.
I've been speechless since the day of my reveal, but I'll do my best to put into words the unforgettable experience I had with One Soul.I needed this more than I knew. I'd been gliding by, day after day, with a mask of surface level confidence. Leading up to my session date, that mask began to lift. Thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity began to surface, and I found myself quite anxious beforehand.However, stepping into the studio, all of that changed. Theresas worked her hair and makeup magic and made me feel more womanly, more beautiful than I've ever felt before. Looking in the mirror, I felt like my mother in her 20's. I still get emotional thinking about it! To be pampered like that was a gift in itself and helped ease my initial nerves.As for the actual session, I simply couldn't have been in better hands. Jill and David have created such a comfortable, fun, and creative enviroment. Together and individually, they are the perfect balance of personable and professional, making it easy to let go and enjoy yourself. I felt so supported and powerful with their affirmations and guidance. Anxiety who?! Their posing instructions are top-tier yet easy to follow along, and make for some of the most stunning shots I've ever seen. I had no idea I could look and feel like a model in a high-end magazine!My photos are breathtaking, and so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. When I showed my mother, she cried. I can not WAIT for my album, and to cherish these images for the rest of my life.Thank you, Jill and David, from the bottom of my heart. The work you do is transformative, empowering, and priceless.
Jill and David were very professional and fun to work with during my first boudoir sesion. I felt comfortable and at ease at all times. They had talented make up and hair artist and my pics were amazing.
I found One Soul when I was really struggling with my self image and self worth. Jill and David were both amazing and made me feel so comfortable with everything. They talked me through the entire process, and trust me, I was TERRIFIED. The day of my shoot, I felt like a million bucks. They have continued to maintain friendships with clients, celebrating every victory that they have. They made me feel beautiful, valued, and seen. I am so proud of my session with David and Jill, and I owe them so much for helping me see myself in a different light. Lifelong friends, a repeat client, and forever memories. Thank you Jill and David!
Best experience I've given myself possibly ever. Jill and David are so kind and warm - absolute treasures to work with! They give a one on one curated experience that is guaranteed to leave you not only feeling beautiful, but recognizing more of your beauty in yourself from the moment the session begins.
David and Jill made this experience one of the best ones, that I have had in years. They put me at ease immediately and I felt Beautiful and Sexy. This is definitely a 5 star experience and I will be booking another experience soon. I was amazed how beautiful I looked and I loved it.
Response from the owner: Robbin, we thoroughly enjoyed creating beautiful art with you, and we're so happy your day with us is one you'll remember! We can't wait for your next session!
Treat yourself, you will NOT regret it!!! I felt like a queen and star the whole time. From the time I got there, they made sure that I was number 1. I was able to relax with some fresh fruit and get my hair and makeup done. My makeup artist was a sweet lady that worked her magic. We joked how getting done up, you feel like a totally different person, and I did. I felt like "Rock Star Ally". I remember a long time ago, someone told me: "Here's the place where you can be as conservative as you want or you can just let your hair hang out too. No judgements, just be you." That advise kept with me during this shot. By getting out of my head, I choose to let my hair hang out and be that rock star!! Jill and David made me feel so comfortable, that I didn't feel nervous or overwhelmed. I just wanted to show off my inner me, and the preview shots that they revealed to me, all can I say is WOW.Jill and David are very professional and encouraging. I enjoyed watching them work as a team, and what a great team they make! I enjoyed watching them going back and forth with their visions and always letting each other capture that.I highly recommend using One Soul Boudoir, you will feel like a queen and you find your inner rock star.
Response from the owner: Allison, you literally ARE a star! Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words, too! We're so excited for you to see your images this week! Your head's absolutely gonna swell :)
I had an incredible experience with One Soul. I would recommend them to anyone that wanted quality work with awesome photographers.
Response from the owner: Kristi, you're such an inspiration! Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for being a part of our world! We love you!
Absolutely the best experience of my life! I truly couldn’t recommend the one soul team enough. I had such a fun time from start to finish. Atmosphere 100%Photographers 100%Studio 100%Confidence 100%The end result 1000000%Love, love, love them!!!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Taylor, for the raves! We’re so honored that you entrusted your vision to us and were so pleased with the experience of working with us! ❤️🎊🎉
Do this! It was beyond empowering. David and Jill are true artists and captured me in a way I didn’t realize was possible. They ensure you are relaxed and make you feel beautiful. I loved doing this.
I had so much fun! I had never had my hair and makeup done before professionally! We were laughing and giggling throughout the entire session! I felt right at ease throughout the whole session including all of the outfit changes! I felt like we were all old friends just catching up and playing around with taking some pictures! I didn’t meet two strangers that day, I met two sweet caring friends that morning in Marietta! Don’t worry about I need to loose such and such pounds, I need to get in shape or I need a tan! They make you good about yourself and they show you just how everyone else sees you! I was singing, dancing, laughing, and smiling all day! Thanks for the fun! Highly recommend to everyone and anyone!
I done a session at One Soul Boudoir in July of 2022. This was something totally out of my comfort zone. Something my shy introverted self never would have dreamed of doing a few years ago. Jill, David, and Kelsey were all AMAZING!! I completed my consultation via phone call with Kelsey (I live over 4 hours from the studio) she was so sweet, supportive, and informative! I was so excited for my session! Then as the days got closer I got nervous and the morning of driving to my session I was like what am I even doing. I almost backed out!! Then I arrived and was greeted with a hug from Jill and it felt like meeting up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in forever! As I was having my hair and makeup done we chatted and she got my wardrobe together and made mimosas. I was so comfortable and had a wonderful time! It was the confidence boost I so desperately needed!! I would love to book another session soon!!
I procrastinated for years on doing a boudoir shoot. When I found One Soul online, I knew Jill and David would be the best and it was my time to shine. From the first time I set foot in the studio I was made to feel comfortable and totally at ease. The day of my shoot I was on cloud 9. It was so nice receiving the pampering having my hair and makeup done. Picking out my wardrobe was so much fun. Jill really knows how to find pieces that will look great on you. I stepped out of my comfort zone and never looked back. My photos were amazing. I splurged on a nice package and wall art and I look at my album often to remind me of that day. Of the person that came out of the shadows after that shoot. It was the best confidence booster of my life. Since then Jill, David and the rest of the staff have became like friends and family. The events they do for ladies is always top notch. They make things so warm, inviting and comfortable for everyone. The world needs more like them. I can not wait to do my next shoot sometime this year. If you have doubts, I highly suggest take the risks! Better to regret what you have done rather than what you haven’t done! But I promise you, there will be no regrets!!! 100% recommend One Soul Boudoir!
Such an amazing opportunity! Jill & Kelsey were beyond wonderful! I felt so comfortable with them and they made me fell like a Goddess. I would definitely go to them again, and again.
Jill and David are awesome photographers, very personable, and make the experience comfortable and fun. My pictures are phenomenal! It was a great experience and you will leave feeling sexy and beautiful!
One soul boudoir has an amazing photo studio with different stages for every mood and personality. Their wardrobe is phenomenal with many creative choices to choose from. They have a top make up artist. The photographers are very talented, creative and professional and their professionalism have made me feel comfortable and confident during my photoshoot. I highly recommend this business!
Jill, David and the entire One Soul team are absolutely amazing! I have had the pleasure of completing my shoot and I am purchasing an album of my photos. I have to say the experience was one of a kind. They not only make you feel comfortable but beautiful, loved, and accepted. Highly recommend every woman experience the gift of boudoir. I will definitely be booking another. Hoping to make it on the wall in the studio 😍😍😍 Thank you Jill, David, and Teresas for giving me the gift of falling in love with myself again. You’re all the best.
Omg !!! I can not say enough what a great experience!!!! From beginning to end worth it!
It was the most empowering thing I’ve done for myself. It’s been months now since my shoot and reveal, but I’m still on that cloud!
Response from the owner: We call it the "boudoir high", Windy, and for many, it's a new self-awareness that never subsides! Thank you for choosing our boudoir studio and trusting our photography skills to capture you at your best!
One soul is spectacular. Everyone makes you feel right at home. Even if you're new to the experience David will explain and make it effortless. Every woman should experience boudoir at least once.
I stumbled upon an irresistible deal from One Soul Boudoir, and I couldn't resist the opportunity. Little did I know that my decision would lead to an absolutely perfect fit. Describing my experience with One Soul Boudoir as a pleasure would be a significant understatement. The entire journey, from start to finish, was nothing short of exceptional and empowering.From the moment I connected with One Soul Boudoir for my consultation, it was evident that I was in the hands of a professional and attentive team. Being naturally anxious, I approached my photo shoot with a touch of nervousness. However, within the first 15 minutes of my session, I found myself more comfortable and confident than I had ever been in my own skin. The seamless communication with David, Jill, and Kelsey instilled a sense of comfort and reassurance that is invaluable. Their dedication to ensuring clients feel at ease and well-informed is truly commendable.The photoshoot itself was a delightful experience. I must give a special shout-out to Teresas, an incredibly talented makeup artist and stylist with a heart of gold. Her work set the stage for the shoot and made me feel truly special. The photographers, Jill and David, created a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. I not only felt empowered and beautiful but, most importantly, I felt genuinely comfortable. Throughout the session, I was continuously surprised and impressed by their professionalism and artistry. Both Jill and David possess a remarkable eye for capturing shots that truly stand out.The image selection process during the reveal was almost agonizing, simply because every shot was a masterpiece. Out of over 100 photos, I could confidently reject only a handful. The final results were nothing short of spectacular. The images were not only tasteful and artistic but also incredibly flattering. I was overwhelmed by the breathtaking images that brought out a confidence in me I had once forgotten I possessed.One Soul Boudoir was not only about the photographs but also about working with me to stay within my budget. They didn't make me feel uneasy or lesser for having a budget; instead, they made the experience comfortable and accessible.Now, I'm eagerly awaiting my album like a child waits for Christmas morning. I anticipate my reaction will mirror that of a child's on Christmas day – bubbling with excitement, wide-eyed amazement, curiosity, squeals of joy, gasps of surprise, gratitude, and the creation of a beautiful, long-lasting memory.One Soul Boudoir has succeeded in creating a safe and uplifting environment for those who may initially feel apprehensive about boudoir photography. The experience left me feeling more self-assured and beautiful than ever before.In conclusion, if you're considering a boudoir photoshoot, I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend One Soul Boudoir. They are an exceptionally talented, professional, and compassionate team that will ensure your experience is unforgettable. I can't thank Jill and David, the talented souls behind One Soul Boudoir, enough for the confidence and the stunning images they've given me. I eagerly look forward to working with them again in the future!Thank you, Jill and David, and One Soul Boudoir, for an absolutely incredible photoshoot experience.
I was very skeptical about joining One Soul Boudoir Group, I am not big on social media nor am I very social at all. I have put a life behind me and started a new one not realizing that I may need someone to talk to or just here others stories that gave me hope. I joined the group and seen all the uplifting posts and the pictures of the beautiful women that Dave and Jill created. I would have never thought I would want to have my husband and I take such sexy beautiful photos, well we did and I was amazed. Even when we were doing a photo shoot our passion could be seen while taking the photos and even more when we had our reveal party. I then made a decision to be all in and now we are going to a Masquerade Ball that One Soul Boudoir is hosting. Dave and Jill are not just photographers they are true artists and they love to share that joy and passion with each and every one they photo. I am glad I have taking the leap to do something extraordinary, and know that no matter what your story is , you can be part of a beautiful new story that you can always look back on.
My daughter & I did a photo shoot with Jill. It was so much fun. She was amazing.
5-stars does not do justice to the quality of work and the caliber of people on the One Soul Boudoir team. If you are considering boudoir in the Atlanta area, your search is done with OSB. From start to finish, the OSB team made me feel comfortable, empowered, and they helped guide me every step of the way. What an amazing, life changing experience.
David and Jill were awesome. They made me feel so comfortable that I hardly noticed that I was less than half clothed. They kept telling me how beautiful I was. And that was a real burst of confidence. And Teresa, the hair and make up artist, made me look so beautiful but still myself. I haven’t seen the end result yet, but just based on my session, I would definitely recommend it to any woman who needs a confidence boost.
Jill and David were wonderful to work with. The photos they took are fabulous and I can't wait to work with them again.
I went and had my boudoir photos taken with Jill and David last Mothers Day. I was SO nervous doing it and actually tried backing out! I am beyond happy that I didn’t though. The moment I walked into their studio, I was enveloped by positive vibes that not only put my nerves at ease, but definitely made me less shy in front of their cameras! Jill… she’s a little ball of energy and I for sure fed off of that energy! David… always so cool, calm, and collected. He kept me from getting nervous! I went in with the intentions of not doing full nudes, but after being in the self-assuring, mood-bolstering presence for just a short while, I was convinced I could rock the shots, and I did!!! They were some of my favorite shots taken! I walked away from that experience a brand new woman. To this day, I will look at my album and feel that confident, gorgeous, badass woman looking back at me and know that THAT was exactly who I am! I could never thank Jill and David enough for giving me what they gave me that day. It is 100% invaluable and priceless!


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