Geeky gamer gets sexy

Yumi’s husband Brian will tell you his wife is hot as hell. But Yumi herself? Of course, she doesn’t see it. Or didn’t, anyway. Naturally, that’s all changed, because now she knows she’s a sexy gamer.

sexy gamer

A few years back, before Jill joined David in photography, the couple hired David for their engagement and wedding photos in Atlanta, and they stayed connected afterward. David and Jill formed One Soul Boudoir in early 2018 and in their launch created a ladies-only Facebook group as a community that they would serve. Being a past client, Jill and David invited Yumi into the group and planted the seed. She followed the boudoir chatter in the group and admired the photos that everyday women posted from their sessions. The talk piqued Yumi’s interest — a little. But her biggest fan Brian was all over the idea of seeing his sexy half in print, and that convinced Yumi.

“I wanted to get out of my shell and do something that I would normally be too shy and skeptical to do, and, as an added bonus, could help me improve my self-esteem,” she said, reflecting later on the experience.

Sexy gamer

In planning the shoot before the big day, she said, “Jill and David helped put my wardrobe together and brainstorm picture ideas and poses. Boy, there were a lot of poses.”

Yumi brought to her boudoir experience a foundational element of her relationship with Brian: their shared love of gaming. You know, the flat-screen pastime that requires lightning-fast reactions on the keyboard or joystick controller. It’s a geeky world of sorcerers and defensive points and all that. But it’s their world. They sometimes play against each other and other times against online gamers strewn across the Internet like techie diaspora. Among the looks that Jill and Yumi planned for her shoot: sexy gamer.

“I was excited to be pampered and be made to feel like a gamer model!” she said.

Sexy gamer

The shoot gets real

The thing about committing to and planning a boudoir session is that, in spite of all the talking beforehand, in spite of all the questions and answers that we exchange, the experience for many remains a surreal and an absolutely foreign concept until they’re actually in the moment.

Our sexy gamer mused that she “had no knowledge or idea on how a photo shoot goes, let alone one where I’m in my lingerie or undies trying to look sexy and attractive.”

“I remember driving over with my husband and being dropped off full of butterflies and giddiness and wanted to get started. Then, I saw David again and met Jill (finally!) and they were awesome. From the very second I arrived they made me feel comfortable and welcome. Jill was especially excited, probably more than me!”

Author’s note: Jill’s that way about everything :)

Boudoir photography session

One Soul Boudoir photography starts with a grown-up drink and a relaxing hour-and-a-half with our beauty team, and Yumi’s was no different, only she was in control of the direction that our team took her look.

“I loved getting pampered by the hair salon and later the makeup artist. They did a really good job, and I looked like a babe.”

Finally, the moment of truth arrived, and Yumi made her way to the boudoir suite for her session. Jill had organized all Yumi’s planned looks and took Yumi through some general coaching about the terms we use, and the posture goals we pay attention to, Yumi was ready.

“These people are creative,” she said. “They can take any concept you throw at them and give you instructions that will make you look like a professional model out of a catalog — they know their stuff.”

Jill and David “came up with good places for lighting, what clothes went well with what pose. It was a lot” Yumi said. “But they never made me feel overwhelmed or anything. I was totally comfortable through the whole thing. It was a fun experience.”

Yumi’s message to you

“Do it. Other than money, you got nothing else to lose. Well, your clothes, but that’s the idea,” she teased. “You have nothing to be shy about. We all have flaws. We all have that flabbiness, those scars, those wrinkles, stuff that we want to hide. “

“But just like we have those we also have stuff that could make us incredibly gorgeous, and that’s where Jill and David come in. To show you in pictures that include those parts that we normally ignore. And that, despite the bad stuff, we can look like rocking babes. So, if you’ve got the money, do it. You won’t regret it afterwards,”

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And remember: spend once, cherish forever.

Sexy gamer
Sexy gamer
Sexy gamer